Saturday, December 31, 2022

M2 1970s mini dossiers

 I have received and approved the following subjects

Morgane - Fashion in Spare Rib in the 1970s

Zacharie - Mind your language - TV series

Meriem - TV series "Love thy neighbour" - the relationship between the women

Josephine -1970s board games and society

Candeur - 1970s musical revolution in Spare rib

Alice - "The representation of 1970s teenage girls in Jackie and Fabulous 208."

Dominik - "How the right, embodied by Margaret Thatcher was represented through iconographic documents and texts by the women's liberation magazine Women's Voice in the late 1970s?" 

Edouard -TV series "The Good Life" and the Rat Race

Léonor: representation of mental illness in 1970s women's movement magazines.


Alexis L Contraception in "Spare Rib"  in the 1970s

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