Friday, November 28, 2008

L3 Option A : The matchgirls strike of 1888

The Union Makes Us Strong: TUC History Online

Follow this link for the storyof the match girls.

L1 Thème grammaire Past with BE + ING

L1 Thème-Grammaire Past Progressive (Past Continuous)
Past Progressive (Past Continuous)

Follow the link here
for revision of the past with BE + ING. (the name "past progressive" or "past continuous" is just an olde rname for "the past with BE + ING".
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LANSAD ONE week nine

GRAMMAR - will and Going to

After listening to my explanation, have a go at these exercises.

The first exercise is here

The second exercise is here

The third exercise is here

France in the English press

A story in the English press about the French president’s wife

Thursdays strikes and demonstrations in the English press


and the election of Martine Aubry here

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

L3 option Civilisation - British History: Trade Union Movement

British History: Trade Union Movement

We are going to be looking at the history of trade unions in nineteenth century Britain. This web page gives an indispensable introduction to the subject.

L2 Phonetics

The short dictation test for my L2 phonetics group is this wek - the day after tomorrow.

L1 Thème -grammaire

The next test for thème-grammaire group will be on the 11th of December.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

L1 Grammar : BE +ING in the past

Passé progressif / Passé simple-anglais

Here is a simple exercise for revision.

Back to normal

Everything is back to normal on Friday this week.

In my L2 thème class, I will be giving back your tests, and we will be working on the translation about "Le Bresson".
In my L1 Grammar class, I will be giving back your tests, and we will be working more on Be +ING : please prepare.
In my L3 Option A Contestation sociale class, you will be doing a test - a text commentary.
In my LANSAD 1 class I will be giving you back your test, and we will be moving on to the next section in the booklet : please read it.

All students : VIGILANGUES : Les '20 maux' (ou 'vains mots') du Congrès de Reims, ce w-e

VIGILANGUES : Les '20 maux' (ou 'vains mots') du Congrès de Reims, ce w-e

One of my colleagues has put together a list of sentences showing the vocabulary used in the English newspapers to describe this week's Socialist Party conference in France. Click on the link ...

L1 Civilisation YouTube - Cromwell and the Rise of Parliamentary Democracy (clip)

YouTube - Cromwell and the Rise of Parliamentary Democracy (clip)

This very short video gives an interesting introduction to the New Model Army.

Here is a video about statues of Charles and of Cromwell in today's London.

In fact, if you search Youtube, you can find quite a few documentaries on Charles 1st, on Oliver Cromwell and on the English Civil War. These cannot of course replace your history book, butthat can be a useful and interesting way to remember the main points.

Here is an amusing re-enactment by young school pupils!

L1 civilisation GB Digger pamphlet: A New-yeers Gift for the Parliament and Armie by Gerrard Winstanley 1650

Digger pamphlet: A New-yeers Gift for the Parliament and Armie by Gerrard Winstanley 1650

You can see here online one of the hundreds of pamphlets produced during the English Civil War. This one is by the diggers, a radical group of whom the most influential was Winstanley.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

L1 grammar test corrigé part three

Here was the question :
C: Add the most likely tag.
1 Everybody has finished now…….. ?
2 Mike hardly ever goes out these days,,…. ?
3 You loved Spielberg's latest film,
4 They had to buy a new car,….. ?
5 It’s only worth 5 marks, ….. ?
6 We'd've preferred cash,……… ?
7 Your teacher can’t have seen us,…… ?
8 There are two new Japanese restaurants there now,………..?

Here is the answer :

1 Everybody has finished now, haven't they?
2 Mike hardly ever goes out these days,does he?
3 You loved Spielberg's latest film,didn't you?
4 They had to buy a new car, didn't they?
5 It’s only worth 5 marks,isn't it ?
6 We'd've preferred cash,wouldn't we ?
7 Your teacher can’t have seen us, can she ?
8 There are two new Japanese restaurants there now, aren't there ?

Section D has many different possible answers.

L1 Tous étudiants - Cours de soutien

Si vous avez du mal dans certaines matières, vous avez plusieurs choix.

- Fermez les yeux et vous démoraliser après les premiers partiels en janvier
- décidez de passer deux années pour compléter votre première année
- ou accélérer votre apprentissage

Pour les gens dans le troisième cas, nous organisons

- des séances de tutorat, ou des étudiants de troisième année vous donnent des conseils
- des cours de soutien, ouvert à tous les étudiants.

Les cours de soutien pour civilisation britannique, et pour littérature, vont commencer bientôt, les jeudi. Je ferai les cours de soutien pour civilisation britannique. Ils sont ouverts à tous les étudiants de première année, que vous ayez particulièrement du mal dans cette matière, ou si vous voulez gagner quelques points sur votre moyenne en améliorant votre compréhension de la civilisation. Ils auront sans doute lieu le jeudi à 16h30, mais ce sera confirmé dans quelques jours.

L1 Grammar test corrigé part two

Here is part two. The question was

B : Translate into natural English
1 Ils mangeaient tôt et nous aussi.
2 Ton père, il mesure combien?
3 Quand vas-tu voir le film?
4 Tu ne crois pas que ses films étaient meilleurs avant ?
5 Pourquoi n’y a-t-il plus d’eau chaude ?
6 Sa copine ne l'aurait pas dit, mais lui si.
7 Il sait parler russe mais son chef non.
8 Ils mangeaient un hamburger et nous aussi.
9 Qu'est-ce qu'elle est merveilleuse, ma fille!
10 Il y a des centaines de CDs Quelle musique veux-tu écouter ?
11 Tu ne vas pas en acheter six! - Bien sûr que si.
12 Quel paresseux, quand même, ton frère!
13 C'était comment finalement le test de grammaire ?
14 Tu fais du sport tous les combien ?

The answers are (sometimes more than one answer is possible)
1 They ate early and so did we.
2 How tall is your father ?
3 When are you going to see the film ?
4 Don’t you think his films were better before ?
5 Why is there no more hot water ?
6 His friend wouldn’t have said it, but he would.
7 He can speak Russian but his boss can’t.
8 They were eating a hamburger and so were we.
9 How wonderful my daughter is !
10 There are hundreds of CDs. What music do you want to listen to ?
11 You’re not going to buy six of them ! Of course I am.
12 How lazy your brother is !
13 What was the grammar test like, in the end ?
14 How often do you do sport

Saturday, November 15, 2008

L1 Grammar test corrigé part one

Here are the corrections for the first part of your test. Question one was

A Write out sentences in English beginning with the phrase in brackets and incorporating the question. Sometimes there is more than one correct answer possible.

EXEMPLE : Où est la gare (He wanted to know)
REPONSE : He wanted to know where the station is.

1 Quand est-il sorti, ce livre? (I’m not sure)
2 Qu’est-ce que ça veut dire, « okapi » ? (I have no idea)
3 Depuis quand il parle comme ça ? (Please tell me)
4 Combien êtes-vous ? (I don’t remember .)
5 Où se trouve le cinéma? (Nobody seems to know )
6 Pourquoi s’était-il plaint? ( I can’t imagine)

The answers were :
1. I'm not sure when this book came out.
2. I have no idea what "Okapi" means.
3. Please tell me how long he has been talking like that.
4. I don't remember how many of you there are.
5. Nobody seems to know where the cinema is.
6. I can't imagine why he had complained.

Notice that none of these sentences ends in a question mark.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Armistice 90 years on: 'All those pals of mine should be here' - Home News, UK - The Independent

Armistice 90 years on: 'All those pals of mine should be here' - Home News, UK - The Independent

Il reste en Angleterre trois soldats de la première guerre mondiale, qui ont entre 108 et 112 ans. Cet article du Independant raconte.

Friday, November 07, 2008

L2 Phonetics

Just for fun, visit this page and listen to some different accents of English.

This page gives links to dozens of accents!

L1 Grammaire

This link tells a little about present + BE + ING

And here is a fairly basic exercise on the question.

In this exercise you have to choose - is it better to use the simple present or the present with BE + ING

Thursday, November 06, 2008

All students - test dates

My phonetics students will have a short test in phonetic dictation next week. To know how much these tests are worth, consult the blue booklet.
My L1 Civilization students just had their first test, the second in in a few weeks time.
My L2 thème students have a translation test tomorrow Friday for the whole of the class time.
My L1 Thème/grammaire students have a one hour test tomorrow Friday.
My L3 Option A students have their first test - a text commentary - next week (not tomorrow).
My L1 LANSAD students have their first test tomorrow Friday.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

L1 Civilisation GB premier Quiz corrigé

J'ai fait un corrigé détaillé de votre premier quiz. Je l'ai caché entre les pages d'un des livres d'histoire dans la section "Histoire du Royaume Uni" de la bibliothèque universitaire :=)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

L1 civilisation- English Civil War - Learning Zone (Part 1)

YouTube - English Civil War - Learning Zone (Part 1)This video extract is a simple but useful introduction to the English Civil War.

This video gives another introduction.

L1 Civilization - reconstitution bath mai 2008 civil war

YouTube - reconstitution bath mai 2008 civil war

As you know, now we have finished studying the Reformation, we will be looking at the English Civil War. Read the chapters in your history book(s) about it.

Even today, a few English people like to commemmorate the Civil War by re-enacting it in costume. Follow the link to see what such a reconstrction looks like.

L1 civilisation GB King James Bible Online

King James Bible Online

click above to see the King James Bible online!

Monday, November 03, 2008

L2 Phonetics - Affricate consonant - Wikipedia

Affricate consonant - Wikipedia

This wikipedia article on affricates goes a little further into them than we do in class.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

TV5 - Langue Française - Merci Professeur ! - Gageure

TV5 - Langue Française - Merci Professeur ! - Gageure

Comme vous le savez bien, pour réussir une licence d'anglais, il faut aussi un bon niveau de français écrit. Un peu puriste parfois, ce site web donne néanmoins, dans une série de petits extraits vidéos, des suggestions pour éviter certaines difficultés courantes.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

L1 Grammar revision of information questions

Wh Questions and words for students and teachers of English grammar

click the line above for an explanation.

L3 Option A - more revision

Listen to extracts of some of my classes. Naturally this does not replace reading history books. You should by now know what there is available in the University Library - what chapters of what books can be useful to you.

These are extracts and not whole classes. Most of the files are about twenty minutes long. Click with the right hand button of your mouse and choose "enregistrer la cible sous"

Click here for luddism

Click here for Captain Swing

Click here for the first campaigns for parliamentary reform

Click here for the Great Reform Act

And here is some reading (left click this time)
Click here to read about Chartism

L3 Option A Contestation Sociale Revision

John Mullen- Teaching blog: L3 civilization Suggested text commentary

Click on the link above to revise text commentary.