Thursday, February 28, 2019

Home Rule agrégation interne

Once you have recovered from your text commentary on Scottish Home Rule, you might like to have a look at these documents. On Wednesday we have the first of our Home Rule classes in preparation for the orals.

Here are the first documents we will be looking at. There will be more a little later.
In the first class we will comment them as a group. In the second and third class (end of March/beginning of April), volunteers will comment on the documents, and I will give feedback.

Click here for the first documents.

High culture content and process and popular culture content and process in British visual art since 1945

You will find here MP3 recordings of  the two classes on British visual art since 1945. Could be useful for revision.

The first class is here

The second class is here

And the illustrative slides are here

key words: podcast, history of art, British art, Banksy, Henry Moore, Fourth Plinth, Tracy Emin, Damian Hirst, popular culture.

L'histoire culturelle késaco?

Vous vous demandez ce qu'est exactement l'histoire culturelle. Podcast et PowerPoint ici pour tout clarifier


Wednesday, February 27, 2019


We were talking in class about Derry/Londonderry and someone asked about road signs. Here is google images which explains quite well. https://www.google.fr/search?q=road+signs+derry&client=safari&hl=en-fr&prmd=insv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiI5u2i8dvgAhUPnhQKHSXKDvQQ_AUoAXoECBAQAQ&biw=1024&bih=666

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Best of luck to all the students from Rouen taking the agrégation this week!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Songs about Irish history

One of the most moving songs about the history of Irish emigration, with lyrics, is here:


A song I played in LEA class this week also deals with Irish history - more specifically the Irish famine of the mid- nineteenth century.


Seminar M2

Here is the illustrative PowerPoint we saw in class.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Agrégation TD Home Rule

I will be giving three classes on Home Rule, in preparation for the orals. These will be at the following times

6th March  8h30 - 10h30
27th March 15h - 17h
3rd April 8h30 - 10h30

I will put up here in a few days time a booklet of documents, and an indication about which ones we will be looking at first.

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Irish famine

Quite a lot of basic information about the Irish famine is available here on the BBC website


Agrégation Home Rule: more videos

There was a day conference in Toulouse on Home Rule a few weeks back. It was almost as good as ours in Rouen. You can find the videos here


If you use this site, you can convert the video into Mp3 and listen to it while you are doing your supermarket shopping.


Devoir maison MEEF

Thank you for your homework assignments. I have received assignments from the following (apologies for mistakes in spelling your names, or if I have mixed up first names and second names etc).










Dupont F

Dupont P
















This assignment is (most importantly) preparation for the written exam at the CAPES, and a mark among others for your M1. My first priority is to prepare a correction based on the most common weaknesses and mistakes. This is what i will be explaining in next Wednesday' class. The actual indivdiual marking will be a bit later. As I look through the work, I will be posting links and advice here on the blog, so come back often.

PS If you haven't sent yours in yet, I will still accept it.

Northern Ireland

If you know nothing about Northern Ireland, there is a very basic introduction here :


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hedging! Agrégation interne: Preparation for Exposé en langue étrangère

This is a text commentary on Home Rule in English, given orally. We will have three classes on how to do this. the classes will be based on a series of documents I will put up here on the blog fairly soon. Basically in the first class I will comment on documents, and in the following two classes student volunteers will do so.

If you should have agreed to comment on a document, and are unable, finally, to do so, please do contact me and not simply stay away from the class (I apologize for giving you such infantile advice, but this has happened more than once!)

One aspect of academic language which one must get practice with is "hedging". Academic analysis is made up of facts, certainties, probabilities and possibilities, and it is very important to be able to express the solidity (or not) of a statement. These sentences all speak of the same question.

Brexit will destroy the British economy.
Britain's economy will be fine outside the EU.

Some commentators are quite sure that leaving the EU will have dire economic consequences for Britain.
The reorganization of trade, separate from the European free market, may well cause unexpected difficulties which might take considerable time to be overcome.
Opponents of Brexit claim there will be disastrous effects, though evidence is hard to come by.

The first two are to be avoided at all costs.

This page will help further with hedging.

British women artists

News on visual art in Britain


Cultural history on TV

TV history programmes have been transformed in the past few decades. From the "talking heads" paradigm, many new forms have diverged. In Britain there has been a boom in programmes where people form today are made to live like one did at a particular period in the past. This episoed from "That'll teach em" takes modern teenagers back a few decades to see how they fare with old fashioned teaching and learning.


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Home Rule

You will have seen that our day conference in Rouen on Home Rule is available in online videos here:


It is indispensable!

There was also a day conference in Toulouse. Some of its videos are now online. Here is one


The others  can be found by exploring the orange video streaming site.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Collection of news articles: MEEF mémoire, héritage, ruptures

These are recent UK news articles in connection with the theme of mémoire, héritage, ruptures. I recommend you read them.

Download them here.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

agrégation interne

Remember to look over regularly the report by the jury.


MEEF CAPES Mémoire héritage ruptures podcast

You will find here the classes I gave in January 2019 on mémoire héritage ruptures.

The first class is here
The second PowerPoint is here

The (purely illustrative) PowerPoint is here

keywords: CAPES, podcast, mémoire héritage ruptures, Powerpoint, université de Rouen 

Master LEA final podcasts on women in the USA

A few weeks back I posted recordings of the first two classes on women in the USA. You will find here the recordings of the third class.

The first part of the class is here
The second part of the class is here

And the PowerPoint, which accompanies all three classes, can be found here.
Note that, as usual, the PowerPoint is for illustration purposes. Almost all the information is only present in audio form in the recorded classes.

Keywords; podcast, women, history, United States, PowerPoint, university lecture.

L3 Classroom test

Perhaps you remember that the marking scheme for the L3 class includes a classroom test. This will be on the 19th March. It will either be a text commentary or an essay.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Britain since 1945 general background podcast and powerpoint

You will find below the podcasts of the two classes I gave in January 2019 on Britain since 1945. These follow political and social history over the last few decades. They are the first part of the L3 class "British popular culture since 1945". If you are a MEEF student who has not recently revised this period of history, I recommend you listen too.

First class podcast

Second class podcast

Accompanying PowerPoint

Thème class next Wednesday 13th

If I understand correctly, the agrégation interne people are free from 9h to 10h30 next Wednesday. You are of course most welcome to come to the thème class in  L209. We will be working on the passage beginning "La porte de la chambre..." which is below. If you send me your translations before Sunday night, I will try to correct them on Monday.

La porte de la chambre s’ouvrit alors qu’il trempait ses tartines dans le café tiède. Elvire s’étira en bâillant les pans de sa chemise de nuit rose, ferma ses poings de poupée, poussa un grognement de plaisir avant de lancer la phrase qui inaugurait chacune de leurs journées communes depuis près de quinze ans.

-         Oh, cette nuit j’ai bien dormi…

Valère Notermans leva les yeux et il anticipa le moindre geste de sa femme. Il se promettait souvent de changer un objet de place pour voir si cela compromettait le déroulement du rituel ou s’il existait encore assez de ressources en elle pour s’adapter à l’inattendu… Il se contentait d’imaginer des scénarios qui tous, sans exception, s’achevaient dans le plus grand tragique.

Ses nuits étaient peuplées d’apocalypses.

Il lui arrivait quelquefois de la regarder, dans la pénombre, quand une émotion trop forte l’obligeait à s’asseoir brusquement dans le lit, pour calmer les battements de son cœur et dissiper la peur. Les cauchemars s’effilochaient comme des brumes touchées par le soleil sur la lande. Elvire gisait, immobile, les yeux recouverts d’une feutrine noire, et il s’était souvent penché pour saisir le filet d’un souffle, le frémissement de sa poitrine, la croyant morte. Savait-elle seulement que les rêves existaient ? Peut-être pensait-elle qu’il s’agissait là d’intermèdes publicitaires dans le néant de ses nuits.
 Oh, cette nuit j’ai bien dormi…

Au premiers temps de leur vie commune, cette manière de souligner par la parole le moindre de ses faits et gestes l’enchantait. Il semblait à Valère qu’elle mettait ainsi en valeur des événements dont l’importance était masquée par leur apparence anodine. Elvire attirait son attention amoureuse sur son corps, sur sa capacité à déplacer l’air, à capter le soleil. (…)

Peu à peu, il s’était lassé du spectacle et les phrases sans importance s’étaient mises à résonner dans sa tête. Il n’y eut bientôt plus qu’elles, en bas de l’écran.
Une vie entière en version ordinaire sous-titré !

Didier Daeninckx ; Les figurants (1995)