Sunday, March 31, 2019

Master MEEF Final classes

I hope your written exams went well. We are moving right on to preparing the orals. From the point of view of British civilization, this is not a huge change. I am going to give a little more revision of history in class, and then move on to looking at sample "dossiers", which I will have printed tomorrow.

This week we have a class on Wednesday at 11am in L210, and a class on Thursday from 3.30pm to 6.30 pm (with a short break in the middle) in L315.
Our final  class is on the 24th April at 11am in L210.

There  are themes I have not really had time to revise in class. Here are classes from 2014 on the history of gay rights and identities in the UK. they are not quite up to date, as gay marriage has been authorized since (first in England, Wales and Scotland, and then in the Republic of Ireland - though it is still illegal in Northern Ireland).


I also recommend this lecture on the Liberal party by an (establishment but fair-minded) lecturer.

Sunday, March 24, 2019


what happens next? This article is a good summary, though it inexplicably omits the obvious option of a general election.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

L3 Popular art/ high art

As we have seen the separation of high art dynamic and popular art dynamic is not so simple. Here is a website with one thought-provoking example. Just click here

MEEF CAPES anglais Idée du progrès podcasts

You will find here the talk on industrial progress. Just click here. 
You will find here the talk I gave on democratic progress:  just click here

In case you prefer audio formats, you will find here an MP3 of the comments on the dossier on Ireland (which is a little further down on this blog). Just click here

Friday, March 22, 2019

Homework MEEF

I have just sent back to students the homework with comments. I have five left to mark which I will send tomorrow at the latest. The mail I send to Mme Yahi came back undelivered.
Once again, good luck for the week's events.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

CAPES revision

Best of luck with the written CAPES exams.

This weekend I will add some more recordings of classes.
I will also email you individually your homeworks with a few comments. Note that the mark I give is for the UE of the Master, it is not an estimation of a mark in the concours.

You will find at earlier dates (ie below) some other podcasts and PowerPoints from my classes, etc, including
-a corrigé of the Homework dossier on Ireland.
- some podcasts about the seventeenth century.
- a set of podcasts « Britain since the Romans »
- a collection of news articles on themes connected to « mémoires/héritages/ruptures »
- the class and PowerPoint on mémoire/héritages/ruptures.
- a long article on remembering world war one

Saturday, March 16, 2019

MEEF CAPES marking

It is taking me a long time to mark your homeworks, but some progress is being made. By a very long way the two main problems were not talking enough about what Mary Holland, Tony Blair and David Cameron were trying to do and the methods they were using to try to persuade people, and not showing enough knowledge about the history ( in particular what the British government did during the famine and what happened at the first inquiry into Bloody Sunday, why there was a second one etc.)


John Mullen 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Agrégation interne

Je vous avais bien dit que j'étais ailleurs.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

LEA Revising Ireland

I will be putting up here the MP3s and powerpoint on Ireland, but I cannot do this till Saturday.
In the meantime here is a powerpoint I used two years back which contains *some of* the same information.


and here is a recording of one of last year's classes


Monday, March 11, 2019

Articulating Popular needs: British song in the First World War

The talk I gave recently at the University of Passau in Germany


M1 LEA Evaluation 2ème semestre

The second semester is different to the first. You will be marked half based on a classroom test, in class time on 19th March, and half based on the homework assignment described below.

The classroom test will be of the same format as last semester's exam, and will deal with women in the US and/or the history and economy of the Irish Republic . If you are absent at this test for whatever reason, you will take the retake exam in the "deuxième session".

Your marked homework assignment for the second semester is to watch the video below and write

a) a summary in English in 500 words

b) your opinion of the video in 250 words (its neutrality or lack of neutrality, its pedagogical qualities, its world view etc).

As well as practising your understanding of different accents (here New Zealand) the video will explain some recent economic and social history of this far-off land.

Take extreme care with your English, and use automatic correction software before re-reading carefully.

Here is the video:

You  must send me this work in doc or odt before the 10th April 2019, by email. My address is donald.trump@univ-rouen.fr , but with my name, not his.