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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

M1 Enseignement devoir maison sur Burke

Please read very carefully the comments I put up on Eprel

Marks :

Devoir Maison sur Burke
Miassa 11,5
Sarah 12
Mélanie 12
Chloé 11
Samy 13
Rose Laure 12
Ferdaws 11,5
Imene 12,5
Claire 9
Wendy 10
Charlene 7,5
Charline 8,5
Aurélie 11
Cosette 13
Albert 12,5
Nina 11,5

British art : Prices plummeting, lustre fading – has Damien Hirst jumped the pickled shark? - News - Art - The Independent

Prices plummeting, lustre fading – has Damien Hirst jumped the pickled shark? - News - Art - The Independent

Sunday, November 25, 2012

M1 Enseignement Mark Steel: Thomas Paine 1 of 6 - YouTube

Mark Steel is a comedian, but also very interested in explaining history. The history is serious in his videos, but be careful not to mix up the history and the jokes!

Mark Steel: Thomas Paine 1 of 6 - YouTube

Absence lundi 26 novembre

A l'attention des étudiants de L1 Bloc 2 "Social and ethnic identities and conflicts" et aux étudiants de L3 "Civilisation britannique : Britain since 1945". Puisque je suis souffrant, je serai absent demain lundi. N'hésitez pas à faire passer l'information aux étudiants que vous connaissez.

Aberdeen is the happiest place in Scotland... and that's no joke | UK news | The Observer

Aberdeen is the happiest place in Scotland... and that's no joke | UK news | The Observer

Saturday, November 24, 2012

L3 Britain since 1945 - History of British Art

The latest lecture, an Introduction to the history of British Art since 1945, can be found here. It is an MP3 file which is quite large : it is probably best to do a right click and choose "enregistrer la cible sous".

keywords : British history, history of art, podcast, lecture.

M1 Enseignement CM liberties listen to the lectures again here.

Here are the two latest lectures from the series "liberties in the UK", dealing generally with the slow rise of democracy and the long campaigns for women's suffrage, and their opponents. The lecture from the 15th November is here, and the one from the 22nd is here. It may well be that the best thing is to do a right click and choose "enregistrer la cible sous" since the MP3 files are quite large.

Keywords : British  history, podcasts, university lectures, democracy, women's history UK

M1 Enseignement commentaire dirigé Nov/Dec 2012

As you know, on the 3rd of December we have a replacement class. This will change the dates of several exposés!
On 29 November, Antoneta and Ferdaws will present their exposés.
On 3rd December (not the 6th) Imen and Nina will present theirs
On 6th December (not the 13th) Samy and Aurélie
On 13th  December (not the 20th) Aurélie and Miassa
On 20th December (not in January) Albert, Rose-Laure and Eloise (three students in this class).
In January you will have the exam - I am not yet sure if there is also a last class or not.

Friday, November 23, 2012

DST marks L3 Britain since 1945


Here are the marks for the DST text commentary you did ten days or so ago. The marks are generous : for quite a number of students the DST was a disaster! Several students said nothing at all about anything which Margaret Thatcher did when she was prime minister. Paraphrase was very much present. I probably made, during my classes, twenty or so points which could have been mentioned in connection to this text.  Otfen only one or two were mentioned. As for information taken from history books : there was not much of that to be seen.
But for a few exceptions, you have the research paper, the exposé and the January exam to read up and make progress .

Plans for gay marriage vote likely to get go-ahead before Christmas | Society | guardian.co.uk

Plans for gay marriage vote likely to get go-ahead before Christmas | Society | guardian.co.uk

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

(Especially L3) text commentaries in British civilization

Here are some extracts from a website about how to do a text commentary in British civilization, produced by Nantes university :

Le commentaire doit prouver qu'on a compris quel est le sujet essentiel abordé par le document. Le thème, et surtout la position prise par l'auteur, qu'on connaît les dates, événements, personnes, faits de société, mentalités, idéologies, allusions diverses etc. qu'il mentionne et qu'on sait les mettre en perspective, quels en ont été les précédents et les suites, qu'on a su identifier le point de vue de 1'auteur (d'un texte, d'un tableau, d'une caricature) et qu'on peut décrire, apprécier et critiquer son argumentation.

II faut soutenir votre argumentation, ce que vous cherchez à établir, par des exemples nombreux et précis qui justifient votre point de vue sur le document et vous pouvez, naturellement, citer d'autres auteurs, ou d'autres oeuvres de celui qui a créé le document.

Eviter la paraphrase.
Il ne faut pas raconter le document ou se contenter de le décrire, mais il faut, en le gardant toujours a l’esprit:. en le citant (Judicieusement, mais avec modération!), l’enrichir, le nourrir, l’illustrer, 1'évaluer, le discuter (sans porter de jugement "moral") à 1'aide de vos connaissances, c'est-à-dire d'exemples précis. Des mots comme "then the author", "afterwards" etc. placés en tête de vos paragraphes annoncent souvent une paraphrase.

The  entire document can be found here:

UPEC - Le programme Joy de l'Université Nationale de Yokohama

UPEC - Le programme Joy de l'Université Nationale de Yokohama

étudier au Japon, c'est possible.

L3 exposés and DST

I am in the middle of marking your classroom test, and I hope to be finished in a few days time. I will be posting about this here soon.

In the meantime, here are the marks for the exposés we have seen so far.

Audrey, "The wind of change" 14,5
Benita "In place of strife" 11
Edouard "The white heat of technology" 8
Clémence "Race relations" 8
Souhila "The River Tiber" 13
Nadia "Bernadette Devlin"  13

Details of weighting are in the administrative booklet for L3.

Monday, November 19, 2012

BBC - Your Paintings

Almost all the publicly owned paintings in the UK can be seen on  BBC - Your Paintings

Sunday, November 18, 2012

L1 Bloc 2 Goodness Gracious Me - Going for an English - YouTube

Goodness Gracious Me - Going for an English - YouTube

A scene from a Sitcom, in which they make fun of traditional British people with racist attitudes 

L1 Bloc 2 Musique ethnique et identité culturelle

Voici un article en français concernant les festivals de musique "ethnique" en Grande-Bretagne depuis une quarantaine d'années.

Musique ethnique et identité culturelle

M1 enseignement CM libertés

you will find lecture five here in Mp3 form. It might be best to do a right click and choose "enregistrer la cible du lien sous".

keywords : British history, podcast, university lecture, Rights and liberties in Britain part five

Bon courage

Bon courage aux étudiants en M2 enseignement, qui passeront mardi leur épreuve de commentaire dirigé, et mercredi leur épreuve de traduction.

L1 Bloc 2 Social and ethnic identities and conflicts, devoir maison

Université Paris Est Créteil, UFR de Lettres et de Sciences Humaines, Département d’anglais novembre 2012

L1 Bloc 2 Social and Ethnic identities and conflicts
Devoir maison basé sur les textes dans la brochure ( qui est également disponible sur Eprel)

You have to hand this assignment in on the 17th of December, which is also the day of your final test in class.

Note : copying even one sentence from another source without precise references may have disciplinary consequences.

Read carefully the documents on pages 5 to 10 (on Welsh, Scottish and Irish issues) and answer the following questions. Some of the answers are in the documents, others require research in the library. Do not quote from the documents ; use your own words.

A : Understanding the documents (two to four sentences for each answer ; 6 points)

1.      What do the people interviewed by the  Western Mail feel is typically Welsh ?
2.      What is the difference between devolution and independence ?
3.      What does the SNP think about the war in Iraq ?
4.      What do you think the « equality agenda » of the Good Friday agreement is ?
5.      Why are some parts of the Sinn Fein document  not in English ?
6.      What areas of the economy are already organized for the whole of Ireland, and not separately for the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland ?

B : Understanding the background (these questions need research ; Around six sentences – one paragraph -for each answer ; 6 points)

a)      What has the SNP done these last two years concerning Scottish independence ?
b)     Who are Sinn Fein and how much influence do they have in Northern Ireland today ?
c)      Who are the DUP and what political opinions do they represent ?

C : Putting it in context (8 points)

If you had to choose two  historical events for Scotland, and two historical events for Wales, which had very strongly marked their national identities, which events would you choose, and why ?

The whole assessment for this UE is based on the first DST, this homework, and the final test in December.. Students who do not get a pass mark can retake in June.

L1 Bloc 2 DST novembre notes

Alice A
Marine B
Cindy B
Hadrien B
Manon B
Marine B
Farid B
Charlotte B
Tracy B
Laura C
Marie D
Laure D
Lara D
Djintéa D
Aicha D
Vincent F
Camille F
Christopher F
Antony H
Dobhiatou K
Victor L
Alexia L
Marie-France M
Laurent M
Marina M
Sarah N
Pelagie N
Romane O
Fanny P
Mélanie P
Louise P
Manda R
Shanon R
Ana R
Charlélie R
Mickaël S
Jules S
Bartolomé S
Eszter S
Alexandre S
Cécilia T
Sylvie T
Angeline T

 Je serai dans mon bureau (228) à 11h lundi, après le cours, si vous avez des questions.