Sunday, April 24, 2016

L3 classroom test popular culture mardi

Si vous prenez un train pour venir à l'université mardi, partez deux heures plus tôt de chez vous que d'habitude. Car il y a grève des trains.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Conférence: La longue marche vers l'abolition de l'esclavage au sein de l'empire britannique, 1780-1833

Vous trouverez ici la conférence de John Mullen en français, en format MP3 (1h40)

L'abolition de l'esclavage au sein de l'empire britannique 1780-1833

Mots clé: podcast, mp3, histoire britannique, empire britannique, esclavage, commerce des esclaves, Wilbeforce, Equiano, Sam Sharpe, Bussa

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lecture: introduction to cultural studies

You will find here a recording in MP3 format of the class I gave introducing cultural studies:

Here is part one

Here is part two

Keywords: podcast, mp3, university lecture, introduction to cultural studies, popular culture, University of Rouen

Powerpoint and recording : Introduction to cultural studies

The last class, on cultural studies, will not be covered in the classroom test, but may be in the final exam if it turns out to be on a British subject.

Here is the powerpoint I used.

L3 Popular Culture for the classroom test

Here are some more resources to help you revise for the classroom test.
This is the powerpoint which accompanied the class on British TV and radio.
This is the powerpoint which accompanied the class on British cinema.

Remember this classroom test is worth 12% of the total mark
Another 12% is the classroom test you did in US civilization.
36% is the final written exam you will have in either US or British civilization.

And 40% is the oral on the book list (US or GB). I am just re-reading these books, and you should be too ! you will have to comment on an extract *in the context of the book* The Engels and the Orwell, are, incidentally, available free online.

L3 Popular Culture

The Classroom test next Tuesday will be two hours long. It will consist of a short commentary and a short essay. This is a rather British way of doing things (a two hour exam often contains three forty minute essays!) and I know that in France essays are usually much longer. But if you show that you have good information and are opening up good questions, you should have no problem.

The last class and the article on cultural studies, I have decided, will not figure in this classroom test, though it may figure in the four hour exam in May, if British civilization is chosen as the subject for this exam (as you know, British or US civilization is selected at random for this exam).

Remember that in the May session you also have the orals concerning the book lists. If you have not opened these books, do it now.

The exam in May, which will either be on British or US civilisation, might be easier if you revise this page https://www.lettres-et-arts.net/notions-techniques-definitions/methode-dissertation+51

Monday, April 18, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

LEA Master 1 Economic and social questions

I have received homework from the following students. Thank you. You may have to be patient about the marking.
Valentin B
Andrea L
Aude C
Camille B
Camille T
Clara L
Clémence P 
Juliette L
Maimouna D
Emmanuel A D
Elisa R
Nicolas V
Johanna G
Noémie N
Zoe G
Zoe F 
Clémence H
Jean Didier O
Elise D
Julia R
Kevin P 
Lea P
Luisa B
Maria B
Marianne C
Mathilde B
Maxime F
Nadia K
Ophelie B
Gautier Q
Tiphaine L
Tristan E
Valentina C
Claire V
Faustine D
Celine L
Eleonore L
Marie P
Lauralee M
Nicolas V
Whitney L

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Journal of Folklore Research: JFR Review for The Show Must Go On!: Popular Song in Britain During the First World War

A Review of my book which has just been published:

Journal of Folklore Research: JFR Review for The Show Must Go On!: Popular Song in Britain During the First World War

LEA Master: Economic and social questions

Thank you for all your homeworks.
I will put the marks here, eventually, but it will be in two or three weeks from now.
Believe me, I'm extremely busy.
Good luck with internships etc.

Exam Master Histoire

We have worked in class on three subjects

- writing a brief summary of your own research
- Historiography (the First World War, Richard Evans, Keith Thomas, E P Thompson...)
- History and popular media (1900 House, Tudor Farm, Time team ...)

For the exam you need to show you can write in clear and good English, and that you have a good knowledge of the above subjects.

Here is  an article on the Time Team  TV programme, which we saw in class.

Here is an article on the 1900 house

Here are some powerpoints you saw in class.

On the historiography of the First World War, here 
On Richard Evans book here and text here 
On Keith Thomas here 
On E P Thompson here 

On writing abstracts here

Friday, April 01, 2016

IMPORTANT: Anglais pour Master Histoire

J'ai reçu aujourd'hui un message de la responsable de l'UE, Mme Virol.

Elle m'informe que les M1 tout comme les M2 doivent être évalués. Faites passer le message! 

Merci à ceux qui m'ont déjà envoyé le devoir maison (décrit ici: http://johncmullen.blogspot.fr/2016/02/english-for-master-histoire-homework.html . Keep them coming.

Scotland, Wales and Europe

Scottish and Welsh nationalists are particularly worried about the possbility of Britain leaving Europe. One proposal which is gaining support is a joint independence project. See here


Britain and Europe: the change in British politics

As you know there is to be a referendum in June on British membership of the European  Union. The debate in Britain is getting ever more fierce: see this article from today' press: