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Foreign policy : The Tony Blair Interview. Pt3

YouTube - MSNBC Brian Williams Reports: The Tony Blair Interview. Pt3

On youtube you can find a series of interviews with Tony Blair - follow the link above for one where he talks of his foreign policy, and why he supported Bush in Iraq.

Tony Blair's foreign policy provoked a lot of opposition : follow this link to hear a speech by Lindsey German from the "Stop the War Campaign".

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

L2 Civilization revision

I recommend the history books in French by Roland Marx or by Monica Charlot, and the books in English by Kenneth Morgan or Andrew Marr. Many of the books you can get on amazon.fr for four or five euros, second hand.

There are many useful videos on youtube - in particular programmes made by Andrew Marr. Some of them are here.

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L2 Civilization - research paper

If you can be in Paris, the Bibliothèque publique d'information at Beaubourg is full of excellent books. What's more, you can search the catalogue by internet before you go, so you are sure there are useful books for you.

You can't borrow the books, you have to use them at the centre.

Here is the link for the online catalogue.

You might find some useful information here.

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L2 British Civilization

We have two classes left - on Friday we will be looking at the transformation of the Labour party in the 1980s and 1990s, and the Blair governments from 1997.
On the 8th January we will be looking at Britain today under Gordon Brown.
So we will have done 12 weeks classes, as planned, since the exam will be in week fourteen.

To be precise, the contrôle final will be on Friday 15th January at 9 O'clock.

For students in the régime général, the exam will only cover events since 1945.

BBC Learning English | Grammar Challenge

BBC Learning English | Grammar Challenge

Revise your grammar by listening to the Mp3s on this site from the BBC.

These are fairly basic grammar points, but you might need revision.

Le travail à l'université

Rappelez- vous de la règle générale : se contenter de répéter, lors des examens, ce que l'enseignant dit dans ses cours, sans ajouter d'autres exemples ou analyses, vaut 8/20 en première année, et 6/20 en deuxième année...

L1 Bloc 2 Identités et conflits sociaux et ethniques...

Information importante;
Je suis en train de corriger vos DST. Je vous rappelle que la note finale pour cette UE sera composée de trois élements.

Pour 25% le DST que vous avez passé
Pour 25% un devoir à la maison que vous rendrez immédiatement après les vacances
Pour 50% un contrôle final qui aura lieu vendredi 8 janvier à 11h, salle 237, et qui durera 2 heures.

Le DST que vous avez passé début décembre comportait deux questions que voici :

1. Quels sont les points communs et les différences entre le sentiment national écossais et le sentiment national gallois? Quels ont été les effets politiques de chacun?

2 Décrivez les plus importantes périodes de conflit social au Royaume Uni depuis 1918, et leurs effets principaux.

Pour votre devoir à la maison, vous allez tout simplement répondre à la question que vous n'avez pas traitée lors du DST. Vous écrirez entre 700 et 900 mots, de préférence tapés à l'ordinateur (mais vous ne pouvez pas rendre votre devoir par mail).

Bien évidemment, vous pourrez consulter des documents à la bibliothèque et sur internet. Citez vos sources. Je rappelle pourtant que si vous utilisez une seule phrase copiée directement d'une autre source, sans guillemets ou sans une bonne raison d'utiliser cette source, c'est du plagiat et devient une question disciplinaire à traiter par les autorités compétentes (en plus d'avoir droit à un zéro).

Les étudiants qui ne réussissent pas à avoir la moyenne dans l'UE auront le droit, bien sûr, de repasser un examen lors de la deuxième session, en juin.

A vendredi!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Classes as usual

I am much better, and my classes on Thursday and Friday will take place as normal.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

L2 Phonetics

I managed to get as far as my computer. You can find here the correct answers to the first part of your phonetics test. Study them carefully.

A description of rituals in the Nacirema tribe

Professor Linton[2] first brought the ritual of the Nacirema to the attention of anthropologists twenty years ago, but the culture of this people is still very poorly understood. They are a North American group living in the territory between the Canadian Cree, the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico, and the Carib and Arawak of the Antilles. Little is known of their origin, although tradition states that they came from the east. According to Nacirema mythology, their nation was originated by a culture hero, Notgnihsaw, who is otherwise known for two great feats of strength—the throwing of a piece of wampum across the river Pa-To-Mac and the chopping down of a cherry tree in which the Spirit of Truth resided.

Nacirema culture is characterized by a highly developed market economy which has evolved in a rich natural habitat. While much of the people's time is devoted to economic pursuits, a large part of the fruits of these labors and a considerable portion of the day are spent in ritual activity. The focus of this activity is the human body, the appearance and health of which loom as a dominant concern in the ethos of the people. While such a concern is certainly not unusual, its ceremonial aspects and associated philosophy are unique.

The fundamental belief underlying the whole system appears to be that the human body is ugly and that its natural tendency is to debility and disease. Incarcerated in such a body, man's only hope is to avert these characteristics through the use of ritual and ceremony. Every household has one or more shrines devoted to this purpose. The more powerful individuals in the society have several shrines in their houses and, in fact, the opulence of a house is often referred to in terms of the number of such ritual centers it possesses. Most houses are of wattle and daub construction, but the shrine rooms of the more wealthy are walled with stone. Poorer families imitate the rich by applying pottery plaques to their shrine walls.

While each family has at least one such shrine, the rituals associated with it are not family ceremonies but are private and secret. The rites are normally only discussed with children, and then only during the period when they are being initiated into these mysteries. I was able, however, to establish sufficient rapport with the natives to examine these shrines and to have the rituals described to me.

The focal point of the shrine is a box or chest which is built into the wall. In this chest are kept the many charms and magical potions without which no native believes he could live. These preparations are secured from a variety of specialized practitioners. The most powerful of these are the medicine men, whose assistance must be rewarded with substantial gifts. However, the medicine men do not provide the curative potions for their clients, but decide what the ingredients should be and then write them down in an ancient and secret language. This writing is understood only by the medicine men and by the herbalists who, for another gift, provide the required charm.

The charm is not disposed of after it has served its purpose, but is placed in the charmbox of the household shrine. As these magical materials are specific for certain ills, and the real or imagined maladies of the people are many, the charm-box is usually full to overflowing. The magical packets are so numerous that people forget what their purposes were and fear to use them again. While the natives are very vague on this point, we can only assume that the idea in retaining all the old magical materials is that their presence in the charm-box, before which the body rituals are conducted, will in some way protect the worshiper.

Beneath the charm-box is a small font. Each day every member of the family, in succession, enters the shrine room, bows his head before the charm-box, mingles different sorts of holy water in the font, and proceeds with a brief rite of ablution[3]. The holy waters are secured from the Water Temple of the community, where the priests conduct elaborate ceremonies to make the liquid ritually pure.

In the hierarchy of magical practitioners, and below the medicine men in prestige, are specialists whose designation is best translated as "holy-mouth-men." The Nacirema have an almost pathological horror of and fascination with the mouth, the condition of which is believed to have a supernatural influence on all social relationships. Were it not for the rituals of the mouth, they believe that their teeth would fall out, their gums bleed, their jaws shrink, their friends desert them, and their lovers reject them. They also believe that a strong relationship exists between oral and moral characteristics. For example, there is a ritual ablution of the mouth for children which is supposed to improve their moral fiber.

The daily body ritual performed by everyone includes a mouth-rite. Despite the fact that these people are so punctilious[4] about care of the mouth, this rite involves a practice which strikes the uninitiated stranger as revolting. It was reported to me that the ritual consists of inserting a small bundle of hog hairs into the mouth, along with certain magical powders, and then moving the bundle in a highly formalized series of gestures[5].

In addition to the private mouth-rite, the people seek out a holy-mouth-man once or twice a year. These practitioners have an impressive set of paraphernalia, consisting of a variety of augers, awls, probes, and prods. The use of these items in the exorcism of the evils of the mouth involves almost unbelievable ritual torture of the client. The holy-mouth-man opens the client's mouth and, using the above mentioned tools, enlarges any holes which decay may have created in the teeth. Magical materials are put into these holes. If there are no naturally occurring holes in the teeth, large sections of one or more teeth are gouged out so that the supernatural substance can be applied. In the client's view, the purpose of these ministrations[6] is to arrest decay and to draw friends. The extremely sacred and traditional character of the rite is evident in the fact that the natives return to the holy-mouth-men year after year, despite the fact that their teeth continue to decay.

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L2 civilisation : YouTube - Queen's speech unveils Government's final law package

YouTube - Queen's speech unveils Government's final law package

The government programme in 2009.

L2 Thème - revision of tenses

Future Perfect

L2 phonétique anglaise

phonétique anglaise

L2 civilisation : L'éducation syndicale John Mullen (CIMOS, Paris VIII)

L'éducation syndicale John Mullen (CIMOS, Paris VIII)

L2 Civilization : The Citizens Charter fifteen years later

The Citizens Charter fifteen years later

An article about John Major and Tony Blair's approach to public services.

L1 Bloc 2 Identités : Musique ethnique et identité culturelle

Musique ethnique et identité culturelle

Bonjour, étudiants du CM Identités et conflits sociaux et etnhiques.
J'ai attrapé un virus et je serai absent ce vendredi.
Je vous demande de lire l'article sur la musique ethnique et l'identité immigrée, que vous trouverez en cliquant sur le titre ci-dessus.

Si possible, lisez aussi cet article, concernant les réactions sur le lieu de travail au multiculturalisme.


J'ai attrapé un virus, et je serai absent jeudi 10 et vendredi 11 décembre. Je mettrai ici sur ce blog dans les jours à venir des pistes de travail pour les différents groupes.

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BBC - Podcasts - A Short History of Ireland

BBC - Podcasts - A Short History of Ireland

Follow the history of Ireland by listening to this documentary from BBC radio - every episode is only five minutes, and there is a new episode every day.

Used To or To Be Used To Exercise at Auto-English

Used To or To Be Used To Exercise at Auto-English

A very useful exercise for L2.

BBC - History - British History in depth: Women's Rights Quiz

BBC - History - British History in depth: Women's Rights Quiz

Try this short quiz about the history of women's rights in Britain.

YouTube - Une chanson populaire - Claude François

YouTube - Une chanson populaire - Claude François

To compare, here is Claude François from the 1970s in France.

L2 Thème



The grammatical structure “used to do” is used to talk about past, finished habits
We have a special expression to talk about habits we we have stopped.

I used to smoke too much.
My hobby used to be horse-riding.
When I was younger I used to love playing football.
There used to be a first and a second class on the metro.
French people used to smoke more than they do now.

Notice that this form means that the activity is now definitively finished.


This is a completely different structure which we normally use to express the idea that something is not difficult for us.

I’m used to strong cigarettes.

She’s used to hard work.

Notice in these sentences “Be used to” is followed by a noun. It can also be followed by a form in -ING

I’m used to getting up early.

I’m used to walking for hours.
She’s used to driving at night.

IMPORTANT : this does NOT simply mean that it is something which happens often; it means that it happens often AND THEREFORE IS NOT DIFFICULT FOR ME;

If you want to say in English “J’ai l’habitude de travailler à la maison”, you do NOT need USED TO OR BE USED TO.

Use something else like

“I usually work at home.”

“English people usually drink a lot of tea.”

“My friends usually call me Dédé.”

You can find some exercises, which will only take a few minutes, on


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SNP reveals vision for independence referendum - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

SNP reveals vision for independence referendum - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

The Scottish national Party would like Scotland to become independent from England... is it possible ?

BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Saturday Play, A Family Affair

BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Saturday Play, A Family Affair

This week on BBC Radio, the radio play is about the last few days of Margaret Thatcher's time as Prime Minister. This is not a documentary, but an imaginative reconstruction. Click on the link above to listen to it.

L2 Civilisation britannique "Britain since 1900" Urgent : danger

As I mentioned to you, the first test was a catastrophe.
Because I don't want 28 out of 30 students taking the exam for a second time in June, I would like you to read some books! Reading parts of the following four books is absolutely indispensable to begin with. All of them are available in the CMC university library.

L’Angleterre de 1945 à nos jours / Roland Marx

La Grande-Bretagne contemporaine : 1890-1973 / Roland Marx

Le pouvoir politique en Grande-Bretagne / Monica Charlot,...

I will recommend some more in a few weeks time

Margaret Thatcher : Biography

Margaret Thatcher : Biography

Very short introduction to Margaret Thatcher, with video clips.

Current affairs "Britain faces return to Victorian levels of inequality" - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

Britain faces return to Victorian levels of poverty - UK Politics, UK - The Independent

Monday, November 23, 2009

L2 Britain since 1900 DST Text commentary. Some more elements.

Remember the questions you must look at.

WHO wrote the document?

[NB : "a member of the Labour party" is not good enough]
Clement Attlee, ex-prime minister of Britain, one of the Labour ministers responsible for major social reform, and a number of nationalisations immediately after the war.

WHEN did he write it?
[NB : "A few years after the second world war" is not good enough.]
In 1954. The Conservative government defeated Labour in 1951, so Attlee has lived through a major defeat. Nevertheless, the new Conservative government did not dare reverse the social reforms made by Labour, so one can imagine that Attlee is still rather proud of his achievement.

WHY did he write it ?
Politicians write autobiographies to justify their past decisions and also to explain history for people who have a political or intellectual interest in it.

WHAT does he say?
As the ex-prime minister of one of the most successful Labour governments, Attlee criticizes harshly Ramsay Macdonald, one of the least successful Labour governments, who was seen as a traitor because he chose to lead a new "national government" with a Conservative majority, rather than decide not to cut social benefits.

These are just a few notes to begin with...

Britain since 1900 : YouTube - Enoch Powell

YouTube - Enoch Powell

An extract from Enoch Powell's famous racist speech from 1968.

YouTube - Harold Wilson, Prime Minister, 1964-1970

YouTube - Harold Wilson, Prime Minister, 1964-1970

A journalist's view of Harold Wilson.

CM Bloc 2 identités - évaluation

Le CM "Identités et conflits sociaux et ethniques" sera évalué de la façon suivant.
- Un test en cours le 4 décembre
- Un travail à la maison pendant les vacances de Noël
- UN contrôle final de 2 heures en cours la première semaine de janvier.

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L2 Civilisation Britain since 1900 YouTube - Conservative Leader Edward Heath campaigning and winning, General Election 1970

YouTube - Conservative Leader Edward Heath campaigning and winning, General Election 1970

L2 Civilization DST commentaire de texte

Quelques éléments :

Clement Attlee

Extract from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clement_Attlee

Prime Minister

Attlee meeting King George VI after his election victory
Now Prime Minister, Attlee appointed Ernest Bevin as Foreign Secretary; Hugh Dalton was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer (it had widely been expected to be the other way around). Stafford Cripps became President of the Board of Trade, while Herbert Morrison was given the post of Deputy Prime Minister and given overall control of Labour's nationalisation programme. Aneurin Bevan became Minister of Health, whilst Ellen Wilkinson, the only woman to serve in Attlee's government, became Minister of Education.
[modifier] Domestic policy
[modifier] Health and Welfare reforms
In domestic policy, the party had clear aims. Attlee's first Health Secretary, Aneurin Bevan, fought against the general disapproval of the medical establishment in creating the British National Health Service. Although there are often disputes about its organisation and funding, British parties to this day must still voice their general support for the NHS in order to remain electable[8].
The government set about implementing William Beveridge's plans for the creation of a 'cradle to grave' welfare state, and set in place an entirely new system of social security. Among the most important pieces of legislation was the National Insurance Act 1946, in which, people in work paid a flat rate of national insurance. In return, they (and the wives of male contributors) were eligible for flat-rate pensions, sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, and funeral benefit. Various other pieces of legislation provided for child benefit and support for people with no other source of income.[9]
[modifier] Nationalisation
Attlee's government also carried out their manifesto commitment for nationalisation of basic industries and public utillities. The Bank of England and civil aviation were nationalised in 1946. Coal mining, the railways, road haulage, canals and cable and wireless were nationalised in 1947, electricity and gas followed in 1948. The steel industry was finally nationalised in 1951. By 1951 about 20% of the British economy had been taken into public ownership.[9] Other changes included the creation of a National Parks system, the introduction of the Town and Country Planning system, and the repeal of the Trades Disputes Act 1927.
[modifier] The Economy
Nevertheless, the most significant problem remained the economy; the war effort had left Britain nearly bankrupt. The war had cost Britain about a quarter of its national wealth. Overseas investments had been wound up to pay for the war. The transition to a peacetime economy, and the maintaining of strategic military commitments abroad led to continuous and severe problems with the balance of trade. This meant that strict rationing of food and other essential goods were continued in the post war period, to force a reduction in consumption in an effort to limit imports, boost exports and stabilise the Pound Sterling so that Britain could trade its way out of its crisis.
The abrupt ending of the American Lend-Lease program in August 1945 almost caused a crisis. This was mitigated by the Anglo-American loan negotiated in December 1945 by John Maynard Keynes, which provided some respite. The conditions attached to the loan included making the pound fully convertible to the dollar. When this was introduced in July 1947, it led to a currency crisis and convertibility had to be suspended after just five weeks.[9] Britain benefited from the American Marshall Aid program from 1948, and the economic situation improved significantly. However another balance of payments crisis in 1949 forced Chancellor of the Exchequer Stafford Cripps into devaluation of the pound.[9]
Despite these problems, one of the main achievements of Attlee's government was the maintenance of near full employment. The government maintained most of the wartime controls over the economy, including control over the allocation of materials and manpower, and unemployment rarely rose above 500,000, or 3% of the total workforce.[9] In fact labour shortages proved to be more of a problem. One area where the government was not quite as successful was in housing, which was also the responsibility of Aneurin Bevan. The government had a target to build 400,000 new houses a year to replace those which had been destroyed in the war, but shortages of materials and manpower meant that less than half this number were built.
[modifier] 1947 crisis
1947 proved to be a particularly difficult year for the government; an exceptionally cold winter that year caused coal mines to freeze and cease production, creating widespread power cuts and food shortages. The crisis led to an unsuccessful plot by Hugh Dalton to replace Attlee as Prime Minister with Ernest Bevin. Later that year Stafford Cripps tried to persuade Attlee to stand aside for Bevin. However these plots petered out after Bevin refused to co-operate.[3] Later that year, Hugh Dalton resigned as Chancellor after inadvertently leaking details of the budget to a journalist, he was replaced by Cripps.

Ramsay Macdonald
Extract from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramsay_Macdonald#1931_general_election
Second government (1929-1931)
Main article: Labour Government 1929–1931

MacDonald at Tomb of Unknown Soldier, 9 October 1929
The strong majority enjoyed by Baldwin’s party allowed him to preside over a government that would serve a full term during which it would have to deal with the General Strike and miners’ strike of 1926. Unemployment in the UK during this period remained high but relatively stable at just over 10% and, apart from 1926, strikes were at a low level.[54] At the May 1929 election, Labour won 288 seats to the Conservatives' 260, with 59 Liberals under Lloyd George holding the balance of power. (At this election MacDonald moved from Aberavon to the seat of Seaham Harbour in County Durham.) Baldwin resigned and MacDonald again formed a minority government, at first with Lloyd George's cordial support.
This time MacDonald knew he had to concentrate on domestic matters. Arthur Henderson became Foreign Secretary, with Snowden again at the Exchequer. J.H. Thomas became Lord Privy Seal with a mandate to tackle unemployment, assisted by the young radical Oswald Mosley. MacDonald appointed the first ever woman cabinet minister Margaret Bondfield as Minister of Labour.
MacDonald's second government was in a stronger parliamentary position than his first, and in 1930 he was able to raise unemployment pay, pass an act to improve wages and conditions in the coal industry (i.e. the issues behind the General Strike) and pass a housing act which focused on slum clearances. However an attempt by the Education Minister Charles Trevelyan to introduce an act to raise the school leaving age to 15, was defeated by opposition from Roman Catholic Labour MPs who feared that the costs would lead to increasing local authority control over faith schools.[40]
In international affairs, he also convened a conference in London with the leaders of the Indian National Congress, at which he offered responsible government, but not independence, to India. In April 1930 he negotiated a treaty limiting naval armaments with the United States and Japan.[40]

Macdonald, c.1929
[modifier] The Great Depression
Main article: Great Depression in the United Kingdom
MacDonald's government had no effective response to the economic crisis which followed the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Phillip Snowden was a rigid exponent of orthodox finance and would not permit any deficit spending to stimulate the economy, despite the urgings of Oswald Mosley, David Lloyd George and the economist John Maynard Keynes.
By the end of 1930 the unemployment rate had doubled to over two and a half million[55]. The government struggled to cope with the crisis and found itself attempting to reconcile two contradictory aims; achieving a balanced budget in order to maintain the pound on the Gold Standard, whilst also trying to maintain assistance to the poor and unemployed. All of this whilst tax revenues were falling.
During 1931 the economic situation deteriorated, and pressure from orthodox economists for sharp cuts in government spending increased. Under pressure from its Liberal allies as well as the Conservative opposition who feared that the budget was unbalanced. Snowden appointed a committee headed by Sir George May to review the state of public finances. The May Report of July 1931 urged large public-sector wage cuts and large cuts in public spending (notably in payments to the unemployed) in order to avoid a budget deficit.[40]
Keynes, though, urged MacDonald to devalue the pound by 25% and abandon the existing economic policy of a balanced budget. Oswald Mosley, put forward a memorandum in January 1930, calling for the public control of imports and banking as well as an increase in pensions to boost spending power. When this was repeatedly turned down, Mosley resigned from the government in February 1931 and went on to form the New Party, and later the British Union of Fascists after he converted to Fascism.
MacDonald, Snowden and Thomas, however, supported such measures as necessary to maintain a balanced budget and to prevent a run on the Pound sterling, but the proposed cuts split the Cabinet down the middle and the trade unions bitterly opposed them.
[modifier] Formation of the National Government
Although there was a narrow majority in the Cabinet for drastic reductions in spending, the minority included senior ministers such as Arthur Henderson who made it clear they would resign rather than acquiesce to the cuts. With this unworkable split, on 24 August 1931 MacDonald submitted his resignation and then agreed, on the urging of King George V to form a National Government with the Conservatives and Liberals.
MacDonald, Snowden and Thomas were quickly expelled from the Labour Party and subsequently formed a new National Labour group, but this had little support in the country or the unions.
Great anger in the labour movement greeted MacDonald's move. Mass riots by unemployed people took place in protest in Glasgow and Manchester. Many in the Labour Party viewed this as a cynical move by MacDonald to rescue his career, and accused him of 'betrayal'. MacDonald however, argued that he was sacrificing it for the common good.[40]

The red letter

The "Zinoviev Letter" refers to a controversial document published by the British press in 1924, allegedly sent from the Communist International in Moscow to the Communist Party of Great Britain. The letter, later revealed to be a forgery, purported to be a directive from Moscow calling for intensified Communist agitation in Britain and helped ensure the fall of the Labour government of Ramsay MacDonald in the October elections. The letter took its name from Bolshevik revolutionary Grigory Zinoviev.

University World News - GERMANY: Nationwide Bologna protests

University World News - GERMANY: Nationwide Bologna protests

News about German universities, in English on the University World News site.

Civilisation britannique Sikh Cyber Museum - History

Sikh Cyber Museum - History

Suivez le lien pour visiter le "cyber musée sikh". Il s'agit d'un site web qui explore la présence des immigrés sikhs au Royaume Uni depuis 300 ans.

YouTube - Goodness Gracious Me!

YouTube - Goodness Gracious Me!

Cet extrait de l'émission comique anglaise "Goodness Gracious Me" montre une soirée où un groupe d'anglo-indiens vont à un restaurant anglais. Les convives traitent le serveur mal, font des commentaires sur la sexualité des anglais, et des commentaires anti-anglais. Le sketch est une parodie de groupes de blancs qui vont à un restaurant indien...

L'émission est extrêmement populaire.

Bloc 2 Identités BBC - Asian Network

BBC - Asian Network

La BBC a une chaine de radio spécialisée dans la musique et la culture d'Asie du Sud Est. On peut y écouter de la musique Banghra, mais égalment lire les infos concernant la communauté indo-pakistanais en Grande Bretagne. Suivez le lien.

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L2 Civilization WILL FYFFE FILM CLIP OF 1933 94 TODAY


From 1900-1925, the Music Hall remained by far the most popular way to spend a night out for the working class. Here on Youtube you can see a film from the 1930s of a singer, Will Fyffe, whoc was mostly popular between 1900 and 1918.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

L2 Civilisation - Skiffle music - Lonnie Donegan ::: Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley (with original lyrics)

YouTube - Lonnie Donegan ::: Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley (with original lyrics)

CM identités - Question

Une devinette. Quand a été ouvert le tout premier restaurant indien en Grande Bretagne?

CM identités - Punjabi Wedding Song

YouTube - Punjabi Wedding Song

Extrait d'une comédie musicale récente "Bride and Prejudice" (Coup de foudre à Bollywood)

CM identités - Jago, Bhangra in the streets of london, UK

YouTube - Jago, Bhangra in the streets of london, UK

Musique Banghra à Londres.

CM Identités - David Rudder - I'D Rather be in Trinidad

YouTube - David Rudder - I'D Rather be in Trinidad

Un des grands tubes de la musiques Soca, des Caraïbes. David Rudder chante "I'd rather be in Trinidad" (Je préférerais être au Trinidad).

CM identités : - Steel Drum - Trafalgar Square - London - Sep 2006

YouTube - Steel Drum - Trafalgar Square - London - Sep 2006

La musique venue des Caraïbes est très présente en Angleterre. Voir ici un "steel band" venu de Trinidad.

Seminar on history of Kenya

Le séminaire franco-britannique d'histoire de Paris 4-Sorbonne, en
partenariat avec l'université de Londres, accueillera,
Jeudi 19 novembre 2009 de 17h30 à 19h30 :
David Anderson (St Cross College, University of Oxford) :
"Kenya's colonial legacies: courtroom or confessional?"

à la Maison de la Recherche de l'université Paris IV-Sorbonne (28 rue
Serpente, Paris 6e, salle S 002).
Discutante : Claire Médard (Institut de recherche pour le développement)

Un texte de travail sera disponible dans quelques jours sur simple demande.
Entrée libre

BBC - Podcasts - Making History

BBC - Podcasts - Making History

Learn about British history and practise your listening skills at the same time. Every week BBc radio produces this porgramme on history and historians. You can download it as an MP3 file and listen to it on an MP3 player (right click and choose "enregistrer la cible sous"), or you can listen directly on the website.

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CM Bloc 2 Identités- Dave Allen - Giving up smoking

YouTube - Dave Allen - Giving up smoking

Cette semaine on va regarder l'histoire des immigrés irlandais en Angleterre. Voici sur Youtube, un des célèbres de ces immigrés - un comique, Dave Allen.

Cour du jeudi 19 novembre

Le jeudi 19 novembre je n'assurerai pas mes cours à Créteil, car je serai aux journées d'étude "Contester en Chansons" ici.

Mais le vendredi 20 novembre, cours comme d'habitude.

Monday, November 09, 2009

L2 Civilisation - where was Malaya ? Federation of Malaya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Federation of Malaya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

L2 Civilization GB Marking scheme

Your mark for the module of L2 civilization is made up of four separate marks:

The classroom test we will have on the 20th November - you will have to comment on a document from before 1945.

The oral commentary that three of you are doing each week.

The "Final test" the first week in January (though it may be the second week, I have to think this out).

The research report you will hand in at the beginning of January.

And that's all!

Kingsmead Eyes at the V&A Museum of Childhood | Life and style | guardian.co.uk

Kingsmead Eyes at the V&A Museum of Childhood | Life and style | guardian.co.uk

Saturday, November 07, 2009

and another example


L2 identités YouTube - The Klezmer Fiddle...

YouTube - The Klezmer Fiddle...

Like all immigrant groups, the Jews brought musical traditions to England. Here is an example on you tube

L2 Writing a bibliography

Writing a bibliography

There are different ways of writing a bibliography or a footnote for university work, but normal practice is that you must include all the following information :

Author's surname
Author's first name
Date of publication
Place of publication
Name of publisher

Follow the link above for more information.

L2 civilisation britannique - Classroom test

Your classroom test will be on the 20th of November. You will be asked to wtie a commentary on a document which will be from the years 1900-1945

Friday, November 06, 2009

L2 Phonetics - classroom test

Your classroom test will be on the 3rd of December. It will only last half an hour. The first part will be a dictation for phonetic transcription. The second part will be articulatory description of short words.

L2 thème - classroom test

Your classroom test will be on the 26th of November. You will have an hour and a half to translate a passage in class. In preparation, you need to re-read your grammar book : especially the section on BE + ING and on HAVE + EN.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Britain since 1900 - YouTube - NHS - Marr's Modern Britain

YouTube - NHS - Marr's Modern Britain

This youtube video lasts six minutes, and explains, with archive images, the founding of the National Health Service.

Bloc 2 Identités - YouTube - A Nation Once Again - The Radical Belfast Brigade

YouTube - A Nation Once Again - The Radical Belfast Brigade

Ce vidéo Youtube d'une chanson nationaliste irlandaise, qui rêve du jour où l'Irlande sera "à nouveau une nation".

Vous trouverez les paroles ici.

Monday, October 26, 2009

RTÉ.ie Radio 1: Franke Harte - Singing Voices

RTÉ.ie Radio 1: Franke Harte - Singing Voices

Si vous aimez les chansons traditionelles irlandaises, vous trouverez ici (après les premières minutes) ce que vous cherchez.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Britain since 1900 YouTube - Lonnie Donegan - Rock Island Line

YouTube - Lonnie Donegan - Rock Island Line

In the 1950s, a new music style hit Britain - Skiffle. This video shows Lonnie Donegan.

And at this link you can see Lonnie Donegan singing another of his songs : " Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight? " (Quand tu laisses ton chewing gum collé au bout de ton lit toute la nuit, est-ce qu'il perd de son saveur?!)

Notez que beaucoup des ordinateurs dans l'Université ne permettent pas l'accès à youtube; ailleurs, vous n'aurez pas ce problème.

Bloc 2 identités et conflits YouTube - The Dubliners - Fields Of Athenry

YouTube - The Dubliners - Fields Of Athenry

Ce video des Dubliners est d'une chanson qui concerne la grande famine irlandaise des années 1840-1850.

CM identités et conflits YouTube - What is Hurling? (part 1 of 3)

YouTube - What is Hurling? (part 1 of 3)

Ce video sur You tube dure quatre minutes. Il essaie d'expliquer le sport traditionnel irlandais, le hurling.

Kanishk Tharoor: Britain is good at dealing with diversity - Commentators, Opinion - The Independent

Kanishk Tharoor: Britain is good at dealing with diversity - Commentators, Opinion - The Independent

An opinion article about ethnic and cultural diversity in Britain today.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bloc 2 identités et conflits Black Britons Webquest

Black Britons Webquest
Si vous avez un bon niveau d'anglais, ce webquest vous intéressera. Il vous demande de choisir trois personnes Noires qui ont le plus contribué à l'histoire de la Grande Bretagne... ce n'est pas forcément facile à choisir.

Passage for use in classroom exercise

(otherwise ignore)

Chapitre 1. Une part du “Black Atlantic”
ous allons étudier dans ce chapitre les origines des formes artistiques présentes au Carnaval de Notting Hill. Ces origines sont bien sûr caribéennes et africaines, mais de plus en plus internationales.

I. La continuité artistique avec les Caraïbes
A. Le Carnaval de Trinidad
Nous avons déjà parlé des similarités historiques entre le Carnaval de Trinidad et le Carnaval de Notting Hill. Ce dernier découle en effet directement du Carnaval de Trinidad, les formes artistiques représentées au Royaume-Uni sont donc pour certaines les mêmes que dans l'île caraïbe.
Le calypso
Le calypso est la tradition musicale trinidadienne par excellence. Le calypso est en effet une tradition de chants sur l'actualité, chantés tout au long de l'année mais qui connaît une période d'activité plus intense lors du Carnaval. Les calypsos comportent presque toujours un élément critique ou satirique.
La principale particularité du calypso, à ses origines comme aujourd'hui, est qu'il est un moyen de communication et d'information. Le chanteur de calypso fait des commentaires sur les événements marquants pour la communauté, que ce soit à propos des gouverneurs britanniques à l'époque du colonialisme à Trinidad ou de nos jours sur la discrimination raciale, comme le montre ce calypso de 1988 interprété par "Cro Cro" :
Corruption is a constant annoyance
For now too long in common entrance
You don't have to be intelligent that is a lie
Your father must be of good esteem and complexion high.

Le calypso permet ainsi d'informer les classes les moins favorisées de la société, leur servant en quelque sorte de « journal quotidien », en leur donnant accès à une information à laquelle elles n'auraient pas eu accès sans le calypso. Le calypso est la « mémoire des hommes » , car le rassemblement des nombreuses chansons perme

How to use wikipedia in university work.

News: A Stand Against Wikipedia - Inside Higher Ed

This article form a Higher Education journal explains the uses and pitfalls of the most popular encyclopedia in the world.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

L2 Phonétique Consonant Clusters with "s" and other sounds

Consonant Clusters with "s" and other sounds

A little pronunciation practice - follow the link.

BBC - Podcasts - Grammar Challenge (Learn English)

BBC - Podcasts - Grammar Challenge (Learn English)

- I need an MP3 player to improve my grammar!
- What??!!
- Yes, really! Follow the link above to the BBC Learn English website. Every week they give you a podcast (which lasts six minutes) on some point of English grammar. Just download and listen in the metro!

L'Ecosse contemporaine: Amazon.fr: Christian Civardi: Livres

L'Ecosse contemporaine: Amazon.fr: Christian Civardi: Livres

Si vous vous intéressez à l'Ecosse, je viens d elire cet excellent livre ...

Bloc 2 identités et conflits YouTube - Runrig - Live in Loch Lomond - Loch Lomond

YouTube - Runrig - Live in Loch Lomond - Loch Lomond

Suivez le lien pour regarder Runrig, un groupe de rock Ecossais très important pour l'identité écossaise. Ici ils chantent une chanson traditionnelle de l'Ecosse - Loch Lomond. La chanson est très vieille, mais ils la modernisent. Voici les paroles :

By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes,

Where the sun shines on Loch Lomond.

Where me and tea tree my true love spent many days

On the banks of Loch Lomond.

Too sad we parted in yon shady glen,

On the steep sides of Ben Lomond.

Where the broken heart knows no second spring,

Resigned we must be while we’re parting.

You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road,

And I’ll be in Scotland afore you.

Where me and my true love will never meet again,

On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

Ho, ho mo leannan

Ho mo leannan bhoidheach

(repeat x 8)

You'll take the high road and I'll take the low road,

And I'll be in Scotland afore ye.

Where me and my true love will never meet again,

On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

You'll take the high road and I'll take the low road,

And I'll be in Scotland afore you.

Where me and my true love will never meet again,

On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

You'll take the high road and I'll take the low road,

And I'll be in Scotland afore you.

Where me and my true love will never meet again,

On the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

You'll take the high road and I'll take the low road,

And I'll be in Scotland afore you.

Where me and my true love will never meet again,

On the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

Britain - current affairs - Diwali and multiculturalism : Festival of light that's heavy on the calories - This Britain, UK - The Independent

Festival of light that's heavy on the calories - This Britain, UK - The Independent

Saturday, October 17, 2009

CM Bloc 2 Identités et conflits YouTube - Save our planet, Save our jobs! - vestas factory occupation

YouTube - Save our planet, Save our jobs! - vestas factory occupation

Suivez le lien ci-dessus pour voir un video de la grève à Vestas en 2009. Les ouvriers menacés de licenciement ont décidé d'occuper leur usine.

L2 Civilization YouTube - The RT Hon Stanley Baldwin M.P. Campaign Speech 1929

YouTube - The RT Hon Stanley Baldwin M.P. Campaign Speech 1929

Here is a recording of a Conservative speech for the elections of 1929. For the first time, women and men had the same right to vote.

L2 Civilization - 1926 YouTube - Tony Benn & Duncan Hallas: Lessons of 1926 General Strike

YouTube - Tony Benn & Duncan Hallas: Lessons of 1926 General Strike

Here is a film based on a debate about the 1926 General Strike. It includes a speech by Tony Benn, who was a Labour government minister in the 1970s. It also includes a lot of films and photos from 1926. Click on the link above.

L2 Britain since 1900

I have updated the list of exposés, so look again at the message of a few days ago.
Next week we will be listening to three exposés
Doc 3 Socialism (Cécile R)
Doc 9 Emmeline Pankhurst (Djabhana S)
Doc 27 Proclamation of the Irish Rebellion of Easter 1916 (Laura T)

Prepare the documents a little; Ask yourself how you would comment on them.

British press : Asterix and the half century - Features, Films - The Independent

Asterix and the half century - Features, Films - The Independent
Asterix comics are fifty years old. In this article from the London paper "The Independant", the journalist calls Asterix "France's greatest export". Follow the link.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bloc 2 Identités et conflits -YouTube - llanelli scarlets 'sosban fach'

YouTube - llanelli scarlets 'sosban fach'

La semaine prochaine nous regarderons les identités écossaises et galloises. Ce video sur Youtube montre une chanson très connue en langue galloise.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

L2 civilization YouTube - Roaring Twenties:Crazy Night at Kit Kat Club in London, 1926

YouTube - Roaring Twenties:Crazy Night at Kit Kat Club in London, 1926

What wa sit like at the fashionable night clubs in London in 1926 ? Here is a link to a video clip from the 1920s

L2 civilization David Lloyd George : Biography

David Lloyd George : Biography
Here is the biography, on the spartacus encyclopedia, of Lloyd George, "the man who won the war".

L2 Civilization Opposition to World War I - Wikipedia

Opposition to World War I - Wikipedia

This short wikipedia article gives some information about opposition to world war one, which generally mobilized small numbers of people.

L2 civilization YouTube - A Little Bit of Cucumber - Harry Champion (1915)

YouTube - A Little Bit of Cucumber - Harry Champion (1915)

This was one of the most popular songs of 1915. It doesn't talk about the war.

L2 Civilization YouTube - Battle of the Somme - Real Footage

YouTube - Battle of the Somme - Real Footage

If you follow this you tube link you can see some film of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. When the film was shown in cinemas in Britain, it shocked many people at home. It was the first time they had seen war on the screen.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Children in Britain before the First World War

Here are some interesting resources.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Un trésor anglo-saxon trouvé par un chômeur chanceux - Libération

Un trésor anglo-saxon trouvé par un chômeur chanceux - Libération

British popular culture - the history of Monty Python

Is Monty Python's Flying Circus dead as a parrot? - Features, Comedy - The Independent

Follow the link above for an article about Monty Python. Or judge for yourself by watching these sketches on Youtube :

In this imaginary office, you can pay someone to disagree with you and have a good argument.

The ministry of silly walks

This man works as an accountant. He would like to be a liontamer, so goes for an interview.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bloc 2 identités et conflits

Ce petit article de wikipedia introduit la question du multiculturalisme.

L2 phonetics - the phonetic alphabet

revise your phonetic alphabet here.

Britain since 1900 - some links

A hit record of the very beginning of the twentieth century : Marie Lloyd "When I take my morning promenade"

My article La musique populaire en Grande Bretagne en 1916, in French.

The National Insurance Act of 1911

George Bernard Shaw was an important playwright and intellectual of edwardian times. On this page you will find a series of short quotations from his work.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

L1 tutorat - profitez-en!

Infos tutorat 2009 2010

Cette année le tutorat est assuré par trois étudiantes de Paris XII inscrites en master 1 ou 2 d’anglais.

Voici les créneaux pendant lesquels tout étudiant de première année d’anglais peut venir chercher de l’aide et travailler auprès de ces tuteurs, dès le 28 septembre 2009.

Claire Troisbé-Bauman, étudiante en master 2, répondra aux questions des étudiants tous les
lundi de 13 à 14h salle 143.

Emeline Dilichen, également étudiante en master 2 d’anglais, assurera l’accueil des étudiants de L1 tous les
mardi entre 12 et 14h salle 268.

Melody Gerbaud, inscrite en Master 1 recevra les étudiants tous les mercredi entre 13h et 14h
vendredi entre13h et 14h salle 315

Claire pourra également renseigner et aider les étudiants tous les
jeudi de 13 à 14 salle 215

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More places to practise listening comprehension

Video: Make your own bento box | World news | guardian.co.uk

University life: bunk beds, night lectures, late loans | Education | The Guardian

University life: bunk beds, night lectures, late loans | Education | The Guardian

Being a university student in Britain...

Listening comprehension practice

Agrégation externe : compréhension orale session 2009

If you want to practise your listening comprehension in English, follow the link above. You will find there a series of passages which were used for the Aggrégation in France this year. The candidates were expected to note down every word, but if your English is not at that level yet, you can see if you understand most of what is said. Many of the passages are from news bulletins; you will of course need to listen several times.

Friday, September 18, 2009

For everyone - classic British comedy - Two Ronnies: Opticians

YouTube - Two Ronnies: Opticians

Follow this link to see on Youtube a classic comedy sketch from the British duo, the Two Ronnies.

L2 Civilisation britannique : Whig history - Wikipedia

Whig history - Wikipedia

As I will be explaining, one of the dangers of looking at history is seeing it as automatic and inevitable progress towards a better world. The technical term for this view is "the whig view of history" : click on the link above to read the wikipedia article which explains what this is.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

John Gielgud - Wikipedia

John Gielgud - Wikipedia

L2 Thème - votre meilleur ami!

Grammar is one of the most difficult parts about studying English. You can generally absorb vocabulary by reading, and improve your listening comprehension by watching films in English. You will not absorb grammar. You need to know this book very well indeed. It's not an easy book - each section will need to be read three or four times, and compared with other grammar books... but it is important work.

If one of your objectives is to get your degree, remember that poor grammar will lose you marks in every exam, not just in the grammar exam!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quentin Crisp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quentin Crisp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The biography of gay British raconteur Quentin Crisp.

The Mike Harding Show - folk music from Britain

BBC - BBC Radio 2 Programmes - The Mike Harding Show

Every week on BBC radio, available on the Internet, Mike Harding presents a programme on folk and acoustic music, mostly from the British Isles. Irish folk music is quite well-known internationally, but for people who are curious about English and Scottish folk music, this programme could be very interesting. Click on the link above.

Monday, September 14, 2009

L2 Civilisation britannique - British History Timeline

BBC - History - British History Timeline

Rappelez-vous les évènements marquants en lisant cette chronologie mise en ligne par la BBC.

Cours de L1 Bloc 2

Mes cours de L1 bloc 2 "Identités et conflits sociaux et ethniques en Grande Bretagne" auront lieu les vendredi, de 11h à 13h, dans l'amphi Vert. Ces cours ont lieu en français. Le programme, et d'autres informations, seront disponibles bientôt sur ce blog.

L2 civilisation britannique Groupe 1

I will be teaching British Civilization (Britain since 1900) to L2 group 1 this semester. The classes will take place on Fridays : from 1:30pm to 3pm in room 318; then from 4pm to 5:30pm in Prefab 902.

In addition, every second week from the 9th October, we will be having the computer and internet technology applied to civilization studies classes (TICE) on the 3rd floor at 8:30am on Friday mornings.

Attendance at all the classes is obligatory.

Further information (the programme, for example) will be available on this blog soon.

:: Michael Rosen - The Website ::

:: Michael Rosen - The Website ::
Michael Rosen, English children's poet...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Current affairs : Treatment of Alan Turing was “appalling” - PM | Number10.gov.uk

Treatment of Alan Turing was “appalling” - PM | Number10.gov.uk

The British Prime minister made this week an official apology for the treatment in the 1950s of the mathematician Alan Turing. Alan Turing played an important role in breaking nazi codes during the second world war, but in the 1950s he was arrested and mistreated for being a homosexual.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

British Health System Hits Back At U.S. Critics

British Health System Hits Back At U.S. Critics

As you probably know there is a major debate going on in the United States about the healthcare system, and the reform which president Obama is proposing. Some of the opponents of Obama have expressed some very harsh criticisms of the British health system, the NHS. This article talks of some people who want to defend the reputation of the British system.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Petit quizz - que trouvera-t-on si on suit la flèche?

Posted by Picasa

Cliquez sur la photo d'abord pour la voir en grand.

Petit test - savez vous traduire?

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The quest for the perfect pint: Britain's 25 best pubs - This Britain, UK - The Independent

The quest for the perfect pint: Britain's 25 best pubs - This Britain, UK - The Independent

La rentrée se profile, mais il reste un moment pour s'amuser. Cliquez sur le lien pour voir une liste des 25 meilleurs pubs au Royaume Uni, selon un quotidien londonien.

Phonetics - Sound Comparisons

Sound Comparisons

If you want to hear some words pronounced in English accents from different parts of Britain, America and other parts of the world, visit this fascinating site hosted by the University of Edinburgh.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Students celebrate best ever results - GCSEs - Education - News - Accrington Observer

Students celebrate best ever results - GCSEs - Education - News - Accrington Observer

This article from a local newspaper in Lancashire will show some things about the British education system today. Notice how schools are encouraged to specialize : a "business and entreprise college" a "sports academy" etc.

BFI | Features | The BFI 100 | 1-10

BFI | Features | The BFI 100 | 1-10

If you like cinema, this site gives you a list of the "hundred best British films" of the twentieth century...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

YouTube - The Two Ronnies: Mastermind

YouTube - The Two Ronnies: Mastermind

You can prepare your English studies by watching this classic comedy sketch from the British duo The Two Ronnies.

The contestant specializes in answering questions at the wrong moment.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A steak and kidney pie and chow mein, please - News - Accrington Observer

A steak and kidney pie and chow mein, please - News - Accrington Observer

This article from a local newspaper looks at the mix between different kind sof food popular in Britain. The famous "traditional British pie" company has taken on a young woman who speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, in order to sell their pies to Chinese restaurants and Take-aways around the North West of England.

Migration Histories

Migration Histories

A very comprehensive site about immigrants to Britain, in particular Jewish, Caribbean, Irish and South Asian communities.

The brutal truth about America’s healthcare - Americas, World - The Independent

The brutal truth about America’s healthcare - Americas, World - The Independent

The opinion of a British daily newspaper about the US healthcare system. Follow the link.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ancient royal tomb found in Scotland - Home News, UK - The Independent

Ancient royal tomb found in Scotland - Home News, UK - The Independent

Meanwhile in Scotland, a 4 000 year old royal tomb has been found!

Across the Atlantic, battle rages over value of NHS - Health News, Health & Families - The Independent

Across the Atlantic, battle rages over value of NHS - Health News, Health & Families - The Independent

In the United States, Barack Obama is planning changes in the health care system and a very fierce debate is raging. Obama's opponents say that he wants a British-style system, and paint a very black picture of the British system, a system where private insurance has almost no role.

But the British are very proud of the NHS, and a campaign to defend it from criticisms is underway. Follow the link.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

British Museum - Highlight objects

British Museum - Highlight objects

This exhibition at the British museum, some of which you can see online, shows political medals from past centuries. The medals were made to attack, criticize or mock political figures. Follow the link.

Quiz sur le Royaume-Uni

Quiz sur le Royaume-Uni

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

London Shop Fronts

London Shop Fronts

Pour ceux qui aiment Londres - suivez le lien ci-dessus pour voir une collection de photos des devantures de magasin à Londres.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Population of Britain (UK)

Population of Britain (UK): "Britain ranks 18th in the world in terms of population size."

Une école en Angleterre a mis en place ce site web pour donner quelques informations d ebase sur la Grande Bretagne aujourd'dui. Il pourrait servir de révision.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The last of the noblest generation - Home News, UK - The Independent

The last of the noblest generation - Home News, UK - The Independent

The last surviving British soldier from the First World War died yesterday. Here is an article from today's Independent newspaper.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Le monde à Parr - Libération

Le monde à Parr - Libération

An exhibition in Paris of a modern British artist.

The Big Question: Why has Britain become more unequal, and can it be changed? - Home News, UK - The Independent

The Big Question: Why has Britain become more unequal, and can it be changed? - Home News, UK - The Independent

Quiz langue française

Quiz langue française

Même pour les études d'anglais, on a besoin d'un bon niveau d'expression écrite en français. Suivez le lien pour vous amuser avec quelques questionnaires parfois difficiles.

Friday, July 17, 2009

First World War.com - Feature Articles - Women and WWI

First World War.com - Feature Articles - Women and WWI

Women in Britain in World War One

A video of life in Britain in 1904


I came across this video which shows the streets of London in 1904. Notice the hats.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Comment construire sa bibliographie de mémoire universitaire ?

Comment construire sa bibliographie de mémoire universitaire ?

Pour ceux qui, comme moi, sont occupés à écrire des mémoires ou articles universitaires : un rappel des règles pour la bibliographie.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Charles Bremner - Times Online - WBLG: The battle for Sunday in France

Charles Bremner - Times Online - WBLG: The battle for Sunday in France

Thanks to Jean Sabiron for recommending this article on Sunday in France, seen in The Times.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Climbers may be barred from Uluru - Australasia, World - The Independent

Climbers may be barred from Uluru - Australasia, World - The Independent

In the British press : a debate in Australia concerning aboriginal sacred sites, and tourists.

Contestation sociale WCML | Galleries > Image galleries

WCML | Galleries > Image galleries

If you follow the above link, you can see a collection of banners and symbols from the history of the British Trade Union movement.

Tom Lehrer - a song about nuclear war

Today a little American culture - an anti-war song from the comic singer Tom Lehrer, from forty or so years ago. Here are the lyrics :

This is the song that some of the boys sang as they went bravely off to World War III:

So long, mom,

I'm off to drop the bomb,

So don't wait up for me.

But while you swelter

Down there in your shelter

You can see me

On your TV.

While we're attacking frontally

Watch Brinkally and Huntally

Describing contrapuntally

The cities we have lost.

No need for you to miss a minute of the agonizing holocaust. Yeah!

Little Johnny Jones, he was a US pilot,

And no shrinking violet was he.

He was mighty proud when World War III was declared.

He wasn't scared, no siree!

And this is what he said on

His way to Armageddon:

So long, mom,

I'm off to drop the bomb,

So don't wait up for me.

But though I may roam,

I'll come back to my home

Although it may be

A pile of debris.

Remember, mommy,

I'm off to get a commie,

So send me a salami

And try to smile somehow.

I'll look for you when the war is over,

An hour and a half from now!

Monday, July 06, 2009

YouTube - Are You Being Served? No Sale 1/3

YouTube - Are You Being Served? No Sale 1/3

This youtube video is an extract from a nineteen seventies British comedy "Are you being served". It seems rather old-fashioned these days, but you can practise your English with it.

Gerd Bayer (2009) Heavy Metal Music in Britain

Gerd Bayer (2009) Heavy Metal Music in Britain

A new book has just been published by researchers studying the history of British popular music. Click on the link above.

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Plinth 'statues' for July chosen

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Plinth 'statues' for July chosen

A Trafalgar Square à Londres, un projet particulier d'Art Contemporain. Pendant 100 jours, plus de 2 000 personnes vont être la statue sur le socle pendant une heure chacun. Ils ont le droit de faire ce qu'ils veulent, tant que ce n'est pas illégal. Suivez le lien pour le rapport de la BBC.

BBC - Radio 4 - Podcast

BBC - Radio 4 - Podcast

Quand on apprend une langue, la grammaire en particulier nécessite un travail concentré et rigoureux. Mais pour le vocabulaire, et la compréhension orale, c'est la quantité qui compte. Ainsi, les podcast de la radio de la BBC sont un outil précieux pour les étudiants. Téléchargez en MP3 une émission d'une vingtaine de minutes - comique, scientifique, historique ou d'actualité, et écoutez trois ou quatre fois. Suivez le lien ci-dessus.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pour les étudiants en linguistique

Pour les étudiants avancés de la grammaire anglaise, je vous signale ce livre, que vient de publier un groupe d'universitaires, dont mon ami Raphaël Salkie.

Vient de paraître

Modality in English

Theory and description

Raphael Salkie, Pierre Busuttil, Johan van der Auwera (eds.)

Collection : Topics in English Linguistics 58

Editors : Elisabeth Closs Traugott and Bernd Kortmann

2009 - Mouton de Gruyter

Berlin – New York

ISBN 978-3-11-019634-4

ISSN 1434-3452

Contents :

1. Introduction
Raphael Salkie, Pierre Busuttil and Johan van der Auwera

9. Towards a typology of modality in language
Paul Larreya

31. ‘Not-yet-factual at time t’: a neglected modal concept
Renaat Declerck

55. Semantic ascent, deixis, intersubjectivity and modality
Keith Mitchell

79. Degrees of modality
Raphael Salkie

105. Another look at modals and subjectivity
Jelena Timotijevic

123. For a topological representation of the modal system of English
Alain Deschamps and Lionel Dufaye

145. Epistemic might in the interrogative
Gilbert Ghio

159. MAY in concessive contexts
Jean-Claude Souesme

177. When may means must: deontic modality in English statute construction
Ross Charnock

199. Legal English and the ‘modal revolution’
Christopher Williams

211. Posteriority in expressions with must and have to: a case of interplay between syntax, semantics and pragmatics
An Verhulst

223. Using the adjectives surprised/surprising to express epistemic modality
Christiane Rocq-Migette

237. Commitment and subjectivity in the discourse of a judicial inquiry
Juana I. Marin-Arrese

269. Hearsay adverbs and modality
Agnès Celle

295. When Yes means No, and other hidden modalities
Claude Rivière

315. Modality and the history of English adhortatives
Manfred Krug

349. On the “great modal shift” sustained by come to VP
Philippe Bourdin

377. Author index
380. Subject index

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Basic Paragraph Construction for ESL Classes and Learners

Basic Paragraph Construction for ESL Classes and Learners

I am in the process of correcting the last few scripts from the exam retakes. It seems quite a few students have difficulties using paragraphs - they sometimes make one paragraph lats more than a page. If you follow the link above, you will see some guidelines on using paragraphs in English.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Histoire pour tous -visite virtuelle au British museum

Histoire pour tous

Faites un petit tour en ligne au British Museum à Londres.
Sur place aussi, l'entrée est gratuite...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

La rentrée 2009

On prépare déjà la rentrée. En premier semestre 2009-2010, je vais enseigner les cours suivants à Créteil.

L1 Cours magistral (en français) "Identités et conflits sociaux et ethniques en Grande Bretagne 1918-2008"
L1 Projet professionnel (en français)

L2 British Civilization : Britain since 1900
L2 Computer and Internet skills for British civilization study (TICE)
L2 Phonetics
L2 Literary Translation (thème littéraire)

Oxford DNB: Gardeners of the British Isles

Oxford DNB: Gardeners of the British Isles

On this website you can read about leading British gardeners!

The Big Question: What would have happened if Henry VIII had obtained his divorce? - This Britain, UK - The Independent

The Big Question: What would have happened if Henry VIII had obtained his divorce? - This Britain, UK - The Independent

A controversial debate about Henry VIII in a leading British daily newspaper.

Sunday, June 21, 2009



Meanwhile, have a look at these false friends.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Voyages | Do you speak airport english?

Voyages | Do you speak airport english?

Si vous avez la chance de partir au loin en vacances ... petit rappel de vocabulaire.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

University World News - GLOBAL: Gender perceptions influence performance

University World News - GLOBAL: Gender perceptions influence performance

How do girls and boys succeed in their studies around the world? Are they still held back by ideas of the differences between boys and girls. This article from University World News looks at the situation.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Emmeline Pankhurst - Wikipedia

Emmeline Pankhurst - Wikipedia

Next week is the anniversary of the death of one of the British suffragette leaders, Emmeline Pankhurst, a contradictory figure as you can see in this article - click on the link above.

Poor students 'priced out of university by top-up fees' - Education News, Education - The Independent

Poor students 'priced out of university by top-up fees' - Education News, Education - The Independent

En Angleterre, les enfants de familles modestes vont de moins en moins à l'université. Voir cet article du Independent.

Still struggling – Fela Kuti's family fights on - Africa, World - The Independent

Still struggling – Fela Kuti's family fights on - Africa, World - The Independent

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

L1 projet professionnel

Nous avons commencé à corriger vos travaux.
Quelqu'un m'avait posé la question, alors je vous rappelle : le projet professionnel est comme toutes les autres matières : si vous n'avez pas une note suffisante, vous repassez en deuxième session en juin un examen similaire.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Options B

Le Conseil des études et de la Vie Universitaire à Paris 12 a décidé de neutraliser les options B qui étaient proposées en deuxième semestre de cette année par le département d'anglais.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

L1 Grammaire corrigé devoir maison

1 They must be able to do the job before next week...
2 I won't accept being treated like that.
3 Fred could play the piano...
4 You can't have seen her last week.

1 If you'll follow me, I'll show you the factory.
2 It was the only thing we could do - we had to accept their conditions.
3 I have to write this letter now or I won't be paid.
4 I couldn't hear anything, they must have gone out.
5 There should have been three people to help me, but there was no-one.
6 On Tuesday evening, I was able to buy all I needed.
7 You must speak only when I ask you a question.
8 The river had overflowed, and we had to interrupt our journey.
9 You cannot imagine the problems they have to deal with every day.
10 It's a great computer, it must have cost you a lot of money.

1 In the second sentence, we know that the door was in fact opened.
2 In the first sentence the speaker decided the obligation, in the second it is presented as an external obligation.
3 The first sentence is the announcement of a new decision; in the second the decision was made earlier.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eric Cantona feted in Cannes for Loach film role - News, Films - The Independent

Eric Cantona feted in Cannes for Loach film role - News, Films - The Independent

Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace

France 24 | University strikes gradually wind down | France 24

France 24 | University strikes gradually wind down | France 24

Practise your English by adding comments on this articles in English about the movement in French Universities!

Communiqué de l'intersyndicale

Communiqué intersyndical : Poursuite de l’action (20 mai 2009)
mercredi 20 mai 2009

Seize semaines de fortes mobilisations dans les universités et dans les organismes de recherche ont mis par deux fois plus de 100 000 personnes dans la rue, et ont montré la force et l’intensité de la colère des personnels et des étudiants. Le gouvernement - s’il a dû concéder quelques reculs sur le décret statutaire ou l’organisation des concours pour l’année 2010 et faire quelques gestes financiers supplémentaires (bourses, chambres au CROUS) pour ne pas pénaliser les étudiants - refuse toujours de répondre sur le fond des revendications des personnels et des étudiants notamment sur les décrets concernant le statut des enseignants chercheurs, la réforme de la formation et du recrutement des enseignants, la restitution des emplois supprimés pour 2009 dans l’enseignement supérieur et les organismes de recherche et l’ élaboration d’un plan de créations d’emplois permettant de répondre aux besoins des universités et des organismes, l’ arrêt du démantèlement des organismes de recherche publique.

En cette mi-mai, les intimidations dans les établissements se font de plus en plus nombreuses. Les organisations soussignées condamnent les mesures de retenues sur les salaires, la violence et le recours grandissant aux vigiles ou aux forces de l’ordre.

Les organisations soussignées appellent à poursuivre la pression, notamment en préparant :

* la journée d’action interprofessionnelle unitaire du 26 mai,
* l’Academic Pride : la Marche de tous les savoirs organisée le 4 Juin à Paris et en régions,
* la journée interprofessionnelle de manifestations du 13 Juin,
* des actions auprès des conseils d’universités contre le passage aux compétences élargies,
* des AG dans les laboratoires, les établissements, notamment pour préparer la réunion du Comité National du 10 Juin.

Signatures :



SOLIDAIRES (Sud Recherche EPST, Sud Education, Sud Etudiant)




Wednesday, May 20, 2009

L2 Phonetics - Intonation In English - Expressions Of Two Words - Articles - Word Power

Intonation In English - Expressions Of Two Words - Articles - Word Power

If you feel like revising word stress :

If you want to know which part to stress in expressions like

movie star
wrist watch

Follow the link above.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

L2 Phonetics Homework answers

The first exercise , on stress patterns. Here is what you should have got :

Remember 010
Represent 201
Diminish 010
Engineer 201
Giraffe 01
Vietnamese 201
Carcinoma 2010
Tonsillitis 2010
Eccentricity 20100
Omelette 10
Degenerate 0100
Toffee 10
Arithmetical 20100
Refugee 201
Dictate 01
Picturesque 201
Prognosis 010
Igloo 10
Suffragette 201
Bamboo 01

Monday, May 11, 2009

Master et capes

Dépêche n°113691
Paris, Lundi 11 mai 2009 , 10:01:13

Masterisation : aucune maquette de master ne sera validée pour la rentrée 2009, selon le Snesup
Le MESR a annoncé « qu'aucune des maquettes 'Métiers de l'enseignement' ne serait examinée ou habilitée pour la rentrée 2009 (à l'exception des ENS et des départements d'outre-mer) », indique le Snesup, jeudi 7 mai 2009, dans un communiqué portant sur ses revendications concernant le décret sur le statut des enseignants-chercheurs et la masterisation. Il estime que la « tentative de passage en force sur ce point » du ministère « a échoué ». Il rappelle qu'il s'était « élevé vigoureusement, (…), contre la tentative du MESR d'habiliter dès la rentrée 2009 certaines des maquettes de master 'métier de l'enseignement' que l'AERES avait refusé d'examiner » (L'AEF n°112781).

Le Snesup ajoute qu'il a participé, au sein de la délégation de la FSU, aux toutes premières réunions des groupes de travail et qu'il a « réaffirmé avec l'ensemble de la délégation FSU (L'AEF n°112915) son opposition au projet de réforme actuel et son exigence d'un véritable maintien des dispositions actuelles pour l'année 2009/2010 dans les IUFM et les UFR (programme et calendrier des concours, conditions de formation, d'inscription au concours) et l'installation comme fonctionnaire stagiaire en 2010/2011 pour tous les lauréats aux concours ». Le syndicat souhaite connaître « dès maintenant les propositions du gouvernement concernant l'année 2009/2010, l'abandon de la réforme actuelle et l'ouverture de véritables négociations ».

L2 Phonetics devoir à la maison

Il ne vous reste que quelques jours pour rendre le devoir.
Il est ici si vous l'avez perdu.

L2 Phonetics Contrôle final corrigé

You can find here the answers for the Classroom test you did last week.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Calendrier de la semaine du 11 au 17 mai 2009 - Sauvons l'Université

Calendrier de la semaine du 11 au 17 mai 2009 - Sauvons l'Université

Débat - la médiatisation du mouvement universitaire

Grand Débat: "La médiatisation du mouvement universitaire"

Dans le cadre des Grands Débats de l'EHESS.

Jeudi 14 mai, 14h-18h, auditorium de l'Institut national d'histoire de l'art (INHA), galerie Colbert, 2 rue Vivienne/6, rue des Petits Champs, 75002 Paris (métro: Bourse).

Débat animé par Pascale Dubus (université Paris 1) et André Gunthert (EHESS). Avec la participation de Luc Cédelle (Le Monde), Ixchel Delaporte (L'Humanité), Emmanuel Defouloy (AFP), Olivier Ertzscheid (IUT La Roche sur Yon), Sylvestre Huet (Libération), Cyril Lemieux (EHESS), Karine Perret (AFP), Sophie Pène (université Paris 5).

Depuis janvier 2009, l'université française est secouée par la plus grave crise qu’elle ait traversée depuis des décennies. Peut-on estimer que le grand public a été correctement informé de l'ampleur et des motifs du conflit? Une grande partie des médias a été critiquée pour son traitement superficiel de l'évenement, au point de susciter des comportements inédits, comme un mouvement de boycott à l'encontre du journal "Le Monde". Le blog de Sylvestre Huet, journaliste à "Libération", a de son côté connu une audience très supérieure au quotidien qui l'héberge. Comment analyser la réserve de la presse? Peut-on y remédier? Il convient également de tirer le bilan de l'usage des médias alternatifs. A l'ère des blogs et des réseaux sociaux, le mouvement universitaire fournit un cas concret pour observer les pratiques effectives des acteurs et mesurer le pouvoir d'influence des outils en ligne. Un débat entre acteurs du mouvement, journalistes et spécialistes du web 2.0 pour tirer les leçons de la crise (entrée libre).


André Gunthert

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Il n'y a pas de changement :
Confirmation des dates et des salles pour mes groupes

jeu 7 mai L1 civilisation britannique (les deux groupes ensemble, 2 et 3) 13h salle 111

jeu 7 mai L2 Groupe 2 Phonétique 14h30 PF 902

mer 13 mai L1 Grammaire groupe 3 16h salle 119

Friday, May 01, 2009

Compte rendu AG 30.04

AG amphi T 500 jeudi 30 Avril 2009
Cette AG regroupait environ 600 personnes.

De nombreuses discussions ont abouti à un vote inversant l’ordre du jour
initialement proposé (1. Discuter du fond des problèmes; 2. Parler de
l’actualité, en particulier des décisions de la 9ème CNU (coordination
nationale des universités) qui s’est tenue hier à Paris; 3. Modalités

En final, seul le point «modalités d’action» a été discuté.

Comme nous l’avions entendu la veille beaucoup de
personnes soutiennent le mouvement, mais considèrent le blocage comme
n’étant pas une méthode adéquate.

Des méthodes alternatives ont été proposées (blocage du ministère,
blocage d’autoroute, de péage, et même de l’ensemble de l’Université).
Toutefois, seuls quelques bras se sont levés pour soutenir ce type
d’actions, apparemment ressenties comme irréalistes.

En final, un vote s’est exprimé CONTRE le blocage.
Un autre vote s’est exprimé CONTRE la non-tenue des examens.

Les autres points adoptés:

1. Participation au 1er mai, sous une bannière Université Paris 12, avec
départ groupé. Le lieu de rassemblement : métro St Jacques (ligne 6) 14

2. Former une délégation pour rencontrer le député maire de Créteil.

3. Organiser une rencontre avec la CPU (dont Simone Bonnafous est la

4. Organiser une initiative au niveau du PRES.

5. Demande de banalisation lorsqu’il y a des manifestations nationales.

6. Demande d’une journée de banalisation pour une action commune de
l’ensemble des personnels et étudiants de l’Université P12.