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Agrégation : message de Mme Besnault

 Chères et chers étudiant-e-s, 

Le cours sur Wuthering Heights, d’Emily Brontë, commencera le mardi 14 février, de 15h30 à 18h00, pour une première séance d’introduction avant les écrits, en T 107. Une page universitice a été créée pour ce cours. Merci de vous y inscrire: https://universitice.univ-rouen.fr/course/view.php?id=26535 <https://universitice.univ-rouen.fr/course/view.php?id=26535>
Agreg- Brontë. Clef d’inscription WH-AB

Pour toute question, vous pouvez me joindre par mail: anne.besnault@univ-rouen.fr <mailto:anne.besnault@univ-rouen.fr>

Monday, February 06, 2023

Updated post L2 UK Media oral presentations, date of written exam etc.

 L2 UK Media Oral presentations

Here are your dates.

Note that your date will not change. If for any reason I am absent one week (ill, for example), the people who were supposed to give a presentation that week will do it at the end of the semester (probably on zoom as an oral outside class). The people on the calendar in the following weeks will not change their date.

Your talk will last eight minutes (seven is acceptable). I will stop you after eight minutes

 (I will be generous with the people in the first two weeks who have little time to prepare).

The aim of your exposé is to say everything which is interesting about your subject. Just explain what kind of magazine/podcats/show it is,  who reads or listens to it and why, in your opinion? What do they talk about? What are its strong points? How successful is it?  Is it  typically British?  Is anything surprising about it? etc etc  Give some typical examples of front pages, of articles,  of letters, of illustrations,  of adverts etc.

If your talk is before 15 March, send me now by email your subject proposal (I will tell you if someone has already chosen your favourite subject).

The people who go first have first choice of subject. I will add more subjects so that even people at the end have a little choice.

Any questions - email me at john dot mullen at univ hyphen rouen dot fr

8 février Chloe V. ???

Angélique W: Girl Talk pre-teen magazine https://www.immediate.co.uk/brands/girl-talk/ 

15 février : Charlotte P. ; Jose Maria R. ; Joseph T. ; 

Julienne U. ; New Statesman https://www.newstatesman.com/

1 mars : Maeva M. ; Izabel M. ;

 Lea M. New scientist https://www.newscientist.com/

 ; Morgane P. :

8 mars : Amélie J. ; Naomie K. ; Elisa L. ; Rachel L. ;

15 mars : Zahra E. ; Angie F. ; Louis F. ; Sarah G. ;

22 mars : Melysande D. ; Theo D. ; Jules D. ; Anaelle D. ;

29 mars :  Rachelle D. ; Camille D. ; Amelia D. ; Juliette D. ;

5 April : Meriem B. ; Naomi B. ; Sarah C. ; Solène C.


12 April : Classroom test

3 mai

Faustine A. ; Cherifa A. ; Lila B. ; Cassilia B. ;


( People I have not forgotten, who were not on the original list, and who I will find a date for: Clémentine H; Lee Lou P. Léa F.)

You will have noted from your booklet that the subjects of the presentations will be chosen from the following list.


Magazines : Church Times, New Statesman, Muslim News, Red Pepper, Girl Talk, The Ecologist, Absolutely Mama, UK Film Review, Men’s health, The Economist, Bella, New Scientist, Socialist Worker, The Voice, Irish World (15 magazines)

Podcasts : The Life Scientific, Slow Radio, Woman’s Hour, Lives Less Ordinary, BBC Inside Science, The History Hour, Front Row, The LGBT sport podcast, On This Day, Wireless Nights, The Cultural Life, Money Box, Americast, This Cultural Life (14 BBC podcasts)

 TV series: (generally documentaries) The Victorian Pharmacy, Back in Time for Dinner, Edwardian Farm, A House through Time, Airline, How Earth Made Us, Secrets of Size, Punk Britannia, Folk Britannia, Keeping up with Appearances, Wartime Farm, Songs of Praise, Yes Minister, Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Sewing Bee. (15  British TV programmes).

(I will add more to this list  soon, because people wanted more choice.) 

Saturday, February 04, 2023

L3 Orals Tom Paine podcast

 You will find here the Mp3 of our class on Tom Paine  Just click here

You will find here a 30 minutes TV programme on Tom Paine by comedian Mark Steel. There are plenty of jokes, but the programme also has a serious educational purpose Just click here

week 33

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwf-Qniwgr0&t=55s  banner

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh_pikNlEp4 Peterloo

Thursday, February 02, 2023

CAPES et AGREGATION Journée d'étude linguistique ouverte à tous et à toutes

Mme Goudet organise une journée sur la linguistique aux concours (CAPES et agrégation) qui pourrait intéresser celles et ceux qui envisagent de passer ces concours un jour, sur un point de vue aussi méthodologique que sur des points particuliers des programmes (très ouverts aux deux concours).

La journée a lieu le 17 février, dans la salle de conférences de la MdU.
Le programme est ici : http://eriac.univ-rouen.fr/linguistique-hors-programme/

Vous pouvez également assister à cette journée en direct à cette adresse : https://webtv.univ-rouen.fr/lives/en-direct-de-la-maison-de-luniversite

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

salles du jour

 9h Thème L306

10h30 L3 orals L212

13h30 CAPES interne A506

15h30 L2 UK Media L01

Tuesday, January 31, 2023



Monday, January 30, 2023

M2 January exam translation. Suggested translation


Suggested translation

Exam M2 translation January 2023

 My mother had begun as a typist  in a local healthcare insurance office and had moved up the ranks. She was a personal assistant and head of staff, in a hospital run by the National Health Service.

 “But we might be leaving Chateauroux.”

“Where would you go?”

“We might go to live in the Champagne region.”

 The move to the East had three reasons behind it. Firstly, she had applied for a job at the health insurance service in Reims. One of her friends had lent her a flat in Toul. And lastly, the new law on kinship had been passed, and it allowed fathers, with their spouse’s agreement, to recognize a child born out of wedlock, later in their lives.

 “Your mother tells me you are doing well at school.”

“Yes, I am, but I don’t like maths. I prefer foreign languages and French.”

“ Maths is a logical way of expressing things, really, you should be interested in that. What languages do they teach you at school?” 

“Only English for now. In year 9, I will start on German and Latin. What about you? What exactly do you do at the European Council? Do you translate what people say?”

“That’s what the interpreters do: they translate as people are speaking; usually they are in a  booth. I’m in charge of the translation department. Do you know what Indo-European languages are ?”

He explained this. 

I felt overwhelmed by the flow of information. I began to doubt that I was gifted in languages, and began to look at myself and my ambitions with irony.

“Are your children bilingual?”

Le voyage dans l’Est, Christine Angot, 2021

Send me an email john. mullen at univ hyphen rouen dot fr if you have questions.


L3 orals videos

 An entertaining fifteen minute introduction to the Reformation:


A lecture giving a left-wing view of Thomas Paine


Saturday, January 28, 2023

Thème agrégation, the last few weeks

On the 1st February we will be working on the passage by Sarrazin. This is the last in the booklet I gave you, so here are three more in order (although it may be that we only have two classes left ). Each of them is an extract from some book which won some prize in 2022.

Brigitte Giraud

Maud Viotty

Giulano da Empoli

Friday, January 27, 2023

Thème agrégation : suggested translation, passage from Lafon


We would be gone for four days. We were going to stay in Gentilly, in the suburbs; we were not sure which side but in the suburbs anyway, with some sort of friends of our parents’. It was the beginning of March, a time when the light eats away at the two ends of the day; you can see it and smell it, but it is a time when you cannot rely completely on the weather; you cannot be sure there will not be a huge snowfall, sudden and uncompromising, which ends up blockading you in , with your tickets and your stuff and the bags you packed with military precision the previous night, perfectly aligned in the corridor. You can end up blocked just on the day you were supposed to get out and escape that end of the world we call the farm. It is not a place you pass by or pass through, it is a place you go to, climbing up a steep winding path which is armoured with ice between November and February, that is, when it is not carpeted with sticky snow or decorated with shaky snowdrifts. You push yourself down there: the path is like an intestine, as you move between the round hazelnut trees , the ash trees and other trees that noone ever names, because  there is little time for naming things and why would one? Who for? Who would want to know?

We were going to take the train at Neussarges, a straight through train, no changes till we get to Paris. Changing trains would have been difficult, excessive, or it might have been dangerous; the three of us would not have known where we should go in Clermont Ferrand station, which we were not familiar with; and we would have had to go through a subway, and up and down stairs to find the right platform, while dragging our suitcases and being careful not to lose anything. In particular there was Father’s big blue bag with the presents for our friends, with two kinds of cheese (Cantal and Saint Nectaire) and home-made terrine de porc, black pudding, roast pork, and sausages -enough to feed five people for at least four days. Father would rather have driven , because he knows it’s easy as far as Clermont, he has already done it. Then you just set off, following the signposts, Paris is always on the signposts.

Thème agrégation. Suggested translation, passage from Jauffret


The sun is not allowed in my flat. I open the shutters only at night, when it has long since set. Even deep in the heart of winter it is blinding, outlining people and things with razor-blade sharpness. I prefer the light of the moon when it is not yet full, that of lamps or nightlights.


I live off the income from the rents from this building, of which all six floors floors belong to me and where I live in only about a thousand square feet.


'I have only ever worked to increase my psychological well-being.'


I have been married thirty years. I refused to have children to avoid self-propagation and for fear of the noise. My wife likes light and bustle—I encourage her to go out, get

sunstroke in the Parc Monceau, listen to the motorbikes roar[ing] off when the lights go green, and walk all across the city as part of that crowd whose outlines are too sharply defined.


When she comes back, she describes the latest advertising posters to me, and tells me about a song she heard out of an open car window, a street being dug up by a pneumatic drill, a woman wearing nothing under her dress soaked by a July rainstorm, a stocky, yellowish, shortlegged

exotic dog walked on a lead by a behatted lady whose face-lift could not hide the fact that she had been in her sixties for ages.


'I also saw a man whose head looked like an asparagus tip.'


My wife makes an effective artificial limb, an articulated mechanical arm reaching out for the information I need so as to maintain daily contact with the outside world.


We do, however, dine out once a week in a brasserie. We always sit at the same table, tucked away in a far corner of the dining room, from where I can discreetly observe the patrons and dissect them as if I were a coroner who laid out living beings on his slab in exchange for financial gain or a box of Havana cigars.


My hearing is keen enough to make out what they are saying, and my brain  alert enough to keep up with several conversations going on at one time. I can slip into their lives as if into a glove; from under their  roars of laughter I can unearth the tragedies that have littered their existence, and from the way they raise a glass to their lips or cut up their meat, with a delicate white hand or a heavy hand covered in scars, I can detect the frustrations that will always prevent them from basking like me in perfect happiness.


Agrégation interne

Anyway, all my best wishes for those of you who are taking the writtens for the agrégation interne in a few days' time.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Podcast MP3 John Locke L3 orals

 You will find here the MP3 recording of our first class, concerning John Locke, religious toleration, the Reformation etc.


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

L3 orals John Locke

 There were a couple of words in  an extract we looked at today which I did not explain.

Arminianism was a particular current in protestantism, around a group of people who disagreed with Calvin on certain key points about how to obtain salvation.

The Arminian's main points are here:


They demonstrate how detailed the doctrinal disagreements can get!

As for Calvinism, the first part of this article will help



 Thème 9h L306

Monday, January 23, 2023



Speeches documentaries etc

 I am just about to start up my L3 class based on a series of polemical documents and speeches throughout the ages. It includes some pretty amazing people - Tom Paine, Emmeline Pankhurst, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King etc, as well as some people who left their mark on history in a less radical manner - Margaret Thatcher and Andrew Carnegie for example.

While preparing I came across this really fine lecture by one of the best left-wing orators of the last fifty years. This is Paul Foot, talking about Tom Paine and his books.


Saturday, January 21, 2023

Agrégation interne compréhension

 Vous avez reçu deux convocations de trop! Les cours du 1er février et du 15 février, à chaque fois des cours de deux heures, ne concernent pas l'agrégation interne, mais le CAPES interne. J'a contacté le rectorat pour faire corriger.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Thème agrégation

 Mercredi on travaillera sur le texte de Jauffret