Wednesday, December 14, 2022

M2 les années 1970

 1) For your mini-dossier, several students have sent me an email to propose a subject (john dot mullen att univ hyphen rouen dot fr ). The others must do this  - I have to approve your subject before you start writing seriously.

2) You mini-dossier must not be a general essay using sources from many different places which do not constitute a structured corpus. The title of your mini- dossier must include a reference to your corpus. "The Representation of Pizzas in The Ecologist" is good."Pizza Ingredients and the Rise of  the Democratic Spirit" is not good.

3) As well as finding a series of articles from your main source (or finding a series of 1970s UK TV episodes, or 1970s board games or whatever), you should try to find what has already been written on the subject by searching Google Scholar, Academia, YouTube and Researchgate. You will put these articles in your bibliography, even though you will often read them quite quickly, or even read only the introduction and the conclusion.

4) You must include a bibliography, with all the usual details. You may choose the format, but it must be the same from beginning to end. Something like

Samantha Jones, Her Book, Anytown, Famous Press, 1986.

Samantha Jones, "Her Article", An Academic Journal, Vol 6 N°3, 1987.

I would like to receive them by 15 January.

5) My examination of the last few years of the 1970s and social and cultural changes can be found on video here (Thanks to COVID restrictions a couple of years back).

1975 on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXfm3OFK1ss&

1977 on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br5shryoXFw&

If you missed any previous sessions of the seminar, you will find more videos on the 1970s on my YouTube channel "The History Fellow" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvLLgJ4sKK4397db6PiYuRQ 

These videos are not as good as this year's classes, but I hope will open up questions of social and cultural history.

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