Saturday, October 31, 2020

Cours de thème pour étudiants M2: tout ce que vous avez besoin de savoir

Second year master's students join, for the second half of the semester, my course in translation into English which is already underway in the context of classes preparing for the agrégation. Welcome to all of you.

The classes will of course be carried out using distance learning. All key information will always be here on this blog.

The passages we translate are to be found here 


Last week we worked on the passage by Anna Gavalda, and on the 4th November we will be working on the passage by Echenoz.

Each week you will translate the passage before the Wednesday class. After the class, I will post my suggested translation with notes here. It will be removed after two weeks. If you scroll down this blog a little you will see my annotated suggested translations for Gavalda and two previous passages.

If you send me, before Wednesday, by email in word or odt (I do not accept handwritten work on paper), your translation of *the following week’s passage* I will send you a personalized correction. You may send just the first half of the translation, but only send a translation if you have had tome to check it carefully, so that it is the best you can do.

The Wednesday class will happen at the usual time (10h30) using video meeting software. the lin will be posted here just before the class. It may be a Big Blue Button Link or a Zoom link, depending on technical questions. Please make sure you know how to join meetings using these platforms (there are a million tutorials about this on  YouTube).

For M2 students the course is evaluated by a translation exam in January (we will cross that bridge when we come to it).

You can help by making sure all M2 students concerned have this information.

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