Thursday, January 13, 2022

Agrégation concours blanc thème: marking

I will put my suggested translation with detailed comments up here in the next day or two.

For the interne, I marked 13 scripts. The number of “points faute” went from 21 to 73. The average number of “points faute” was 50.3 .

For the externe (the longer translation passage then), I marked 7 scripts. The number of “points faute” ranged from 30 to 70. The average number of “points faute” was 53.7 .

Naturally, everyone would like to know what this means for your chances at the real exam. This is very hard to evaluate. This was a passage which is informal in style, whereas some students do much better with a more literary piece. It also very much depends on whether translation into English is your strong point, where you hope to pick up points, or whether it is your weak point, which you can compensate in other papers on Shakespeare or on the BBC.

If pushed, I would give the following  scale for the interne

20 PF = 16/20

25 PF = 15

30 PF =14

35 PF = 13

40 PF = 12

45 PF = 11

50 PF = 10

55 PF = 9

60 PF = 8 


Because there are so few scripts for the externe, just count how many “points faute” you received for the first part of the passage, up to “charges”.

From next week you will be working with Mme Vallée. I think it is good that you see two different approaches. I will be in the libraries, working on 1920s pop song and the death of the UK music hall.

You are probably used to the coding by now, but just in case

REG - error in register

LEX - vocabulary error

SP - spelling

CONSTR - construction

OM - ommission

Clumsy - clumsy

B- Bien

TB- très bien

CAL - calque

VN- verb needed

FS- faux sens

CAPS - capitalization error

PUNC - punctuation error

SUR - overtranslation

SOUS - undertranslation

PREP - preposition

ASP - aspect error

DEIX - deixis

NS - nonsense

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