Friday, October 27, 2017

M1 LEA Homework assignement November 2017

Your first marked assignment of the year is to watch this video and write 

a) A summary in English in 500 words

b) Your opinion of the video in English in 250 words (its neutrality or lack of neutrality, its pedagogical qualities or anything else you would like to comment on).

This will count for your semester mark, the other part of which will be from the classroom test at the beginning of December.

Here is the video:

Leprechaun economics

You will need to watch the video more than once. It is excellent practice in listening to different accents.

You must use only your own words and not quote the exact words which are said in the video. It goes without saying that any sentence used from another source, unless it is quoted and referenced, is plagiarism and strictly forbidden.

It must be written to professional standards: that is to say you must re-read very carefully and eliminate all spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes etc. Learning to use automatic spelling checkers in English (that is learning how to install such software on your computer) is an evident part of taking business English seriously.

Hand the work in by email (rtf format) before the 10th December. My email address is prenom.nom@univ-rouen.fr . (And my name is John Mullen).

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