Tuesday, January 16, 2024

M2 assignments

 I have received work on the following subjects. If your work is not here, I will have mislaid it on my hard drive somewhere , so please send me an email.

1.     Women's Voice Magazine’s Analysis of Revolutionary Women’s Battles in 1975.

2.     The Notting Hill Carnival and the First London Pride Parades of the 1970s.

3.     LGBT+ Bashing Reports in Gay News (1972-1983)

4.     The Topic of Equal Rights at Work in the Magazine Spare Rib in the 1970s

5.     The Influence  of Motorsports and Mclaren on Social Changes in The 1970s

6.     Teenagers and Sex Education: Controversial Perspectives in Britain of the 1960s and 70s.

7.     The Representation of Female Characters in Doctor Who (1970-1975).

8.     The Representation of Women in Yardley Of London’s Adverts during the 1970s.

9.     The Impact of Reggae Music on British Society.

10. Doctor Who Fanzines in the 1970s.

11. Glam Rock, Sexuality and Gender in the British Music Show Top Of The Pops

12. Bolan, Bowie, and Representation in 1970s Glam Rock in the Music Magazine Sounds

13. Miss World 1970 in the Film Misbehaviour and the Women’s Liberation Movement Protest in the UK Press of 1970.

- The Guardian coverage of the UK in the  EEC in 1973 and 1975

14. Queen, Their Music and Their Connection to British Youth During the 1970s in the UK.

15. Vegetarianism in The Ecologist magazine (1970  - 1979)

-  ABBA s Impact in the UK in the 1970s 

- - The Female Body   and Sexuality in Spare Rib


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