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Update March 2 L2 oral presentations

 L2 UK Media Oral presentations

Any student may now send me an email to say which subject they would like to talk about. If your subject is already taken, I will ask you to choose another.

Note that if you have prepared a slide presentation on a Mac computer, you should come with your computer *and with an adapter so that our HDMI/VGA cables can display your slideshow.

Remember we have internet in the classroom, so if you are presenting a podcast or a TV programme, you can show a short extract.

Here are your dates.

Note that your date will not change. If for any reason I am absent one week (ill, for example), the people who were supposed to give a presentation that week will do it at the end of the semester (probably on zoom as an oral outside class). The people on the calendar in the following weeks will not change their date.

We missed one class because of the movement to defend pensions. Although I am too old to be personally affected, I want to support others. There may be other classes affected, but I will make sure everybody has a chance to give a talk, one way or another.

Your talk will last eight minutes (seven is acceptable). I will stop you after eight minutes

The aim of your exposé is to say everything which is interesting about your subject. Just explain what kind of magazine/podcast/show it is,  who reads or listens to it and why, in your opinion? What do they talk about? What are its strong points? How successful is it?  Is it  typically British?  Is anything surprising about it? etc etc  Give some typical examples of front pages, of articles,  of letters, of illustrations,  of adverts etc.

The links given in the list below are just to help *the other students* see what they are going to learn about - the person doing the exposé will need more.

The people who go first have first choice of subject. I will add more subjects so that even people at the end have a little choice.

All marks will be given at the end of the semester.

Any questions - email me at john dot mullen at univ hyphen rouen dot fr

8 février Chloe V. 

Angélique W: Girl Talk pre-teen magazine https://www.immediate.co.uk/brands/girl-talk/ 

15 février : Charlotte P. ; 

Jose Maria R.  Men's Health magazine https://www.menshealth.com/uk/ 

Joseph T. The Economist https://www.economist.com/ [I am fairly sure that the library "Poles Langues" in bâtiment A stocks all issues of The Economist]

1 mars : Maeva M. Bella magazine https://www.bellamagazine.co.uk/ [Careful - it is the UK version we are interested in, not the US one]

Izabel M.  Church Times https://www.churchtimes.co.uk/

 Lea M. New Scientist https://www.newscientist.com/

 Morgane P.  LGBT Sports podcast on the BBC


Julienne U.  New Statesman https://www.newstatesman.com/

8 mars : Amélie J. The Voice - UK Black magazine https://www.voice-online.co.uk/

Naomie K. Socialist Worker https://socialistworkerb/.co.uk/

Rachel L. UK Film Review https://www.ukfilmreview.co.uk/uk-film-magazine

15 mars : Zahra E. Victorian Pharmacy 


 Angie F.  Keeping Up Appearances


 Louis F. Americast ; 

Sarah G.  Irish World https://www.theirishworld.com/ ;

22 mars : 

 ; Theo D. BBC inside science


 ; Jules D. ; 

Anaelle D. ; 

Léa F: Red Pepper

29 mars :  Rachelle D. The Ecologist  ; Camille D. ; Amelia D. Secrets of size   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miDIJOxXiI8 ; Juliette D. ; Lee Lou P. Attitude

5 April : Meriem B.  Absolutely Mama

; Naomi B. How Earth Made Us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emEq6x5_dpc&list=PLnKT2rnsk6TBHFIpRIYAc8FN8E_9aiC_r 

 ; Sarah C. ; Solène C. the History Hour

Clémentine H Edwardian Farm 


12 April : Classroom test

3 mai

Faustine A. Lives less ordinary ; 

Cherifa A. ; Lila B. ; Cassilia B. ; 

Jade H.: Woman's hour (BBC podcast).



Melysande D. : A House through Time.

You will have noted from your booklet that the subjects of the presentations will be chosen from the following list.


Magazines : Church Times, New Statesman, Muslim News, Red Pepper, Girl Talk, The Ecologist, Absolutely Mama, UK Film Review, Men’s health, The Economist, Bella, New Scientist, Socialist Worker, The Voice, Irish World, Attitude,  (16 magazines)

Podcasts : The Life Scientific, Slow Radio, Woman’s Hour, Lives Less Ordinary,  BBC Inside Science, The History Hour, Front Row, The LGBT sport podcast, On This Day, Wireless Nights, The Cultural Life, Money Box, Americast, This Cultural Life, More or Less (15 BBC podcasts)

 TV series:  The Victorian Pharmacy, Back in Time for Dinner, Edwardian Farm, A House through Time, Airline, How Earth Made Us, Secrets of Size, Punk Britannia, Folk Britannia, Keeping up with Appearances, Wartime Farm, Songs of Praise, Yes Minister, Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Sewing Bee, Blackadder. (16  British TV programmes).

(I will add more to this list  soon, because people wanted more choice.) 

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