Wednesday, November 02, 2022

L3 popular culture. Important information and homework assignment

Sorry for the confusion before the break - everything should now be back to normal.

I would like to recommend these two short videos

Street art in Bristol


British sculpture


We will be back in class on Thursday 10 November at 1pm, in room 202 in the STAPS building. I will be continuing to talk about British visual art.

The time of term has come to give you your marked assignment. Here it is:

Homework assignment

Can visual art be popular culture? Can modern visual art be popular ? How have visual art practitioners and institutions tried to make their art more popular in the UK? Discuss these questions using both carefully chosen examples we have seen in class and examples which you have found yourselves.

Write 1200 -1500 words in English, and re-read very carefully.

Hand in your work before the 3rd December at midnight, by email to john.mullen {AT] univ-rouen.fr. Your work must be in the format Word or ODT or RTF.

DO do some of your own research so as to find different examples and problems.

DO hedge (Write “On might conclude that” or “many commentators consider that…” etc.  in order to nuance your statements).

DO give your own opinion, as well as showing you understand the different controversies.

DO NOT list every artist we have seen in class.

DO NOT plagiarise.

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