Friday, July 08, 2022

Cours de thème agrégation 09/22


Cours de thème, préparation de l’agrégation 2022-2023 (first class in week of 12 September)

Welcome to your prose composition class (that is the old-fashioned English way of saying « thème»).

You will be aware that the translation classes will help you sort out weaknesses in your grammar, and that this will also gain you points in your other papers, in literature or in civilization.

Here is some information about how the class will work. Students translate the passages at home before the class (it is impossible to learn translation by watching other people translate). In class, we study the students’ translations and my own proposals, and recommendations are made about working on specific grammar points etc.

A few days after the class, my own suggested translation, with notes, is posted on my teaching blog https://johncmullen.blogspot.com/ . This suggested translation remains online for two weeks, and then is removed.

If students wish to get more detailed feedback on their work, they may send me by email at john dot mullen at univ-rouen dot fr their completed translation, one week before we study that particular passage in class. Translations must be sent in doc or odt format, not in PDF. I will attempt to return them to you in time for the class. Please do not give me translations on paper.

Note that the students who succeed at the agrégation each year are among those who have regularly handed in work during the year.

Students who are enrolled in the agrégation interne will occasionally miss a translation class because they have another scheduled class. Please consult the timetable you will be given

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