Monday, February 01, 2021

This week's classes

 Tuesday 2nd Feb at 3pm 

Class of M2 seminar "Social and Cultural Changes in the UK in the 1970s"  (Link here shortly before). Please read the two articles posted on this blog a few days back.

Wednesday 3rd Feb

10.30am Translation class for agrégation students. (Link here shortly before).  Note we will be working on the passage from Les Onze about paintings. I will return to you before the class my comments on the translations of this passage which you have sent me.

1.30 pm (Link by mail) CAPES interne comprehension class.

Note on BBC classes

Because the text commentary is not one of the written exercises for the Agrégation Interne, I left the correction of your text commentaries on Benn's speech on the BBC until last in my pile of scripts to mark. I will be looking at this in the next couple of weeks (watch this space).

Note on James Cook classes at Rouen; The first videos (about the first expedition) will be sent to you in the next few days - these are to complement the live classes we have. For complicated reasons, I need to send these to you by mail. I have on my list Charlotte, Robin, Karine, Joséphine, Nathalie, Fiona  and Isabelle. If I have forgotten you, you can send me an email - that would be very useful.

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