Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LEA L1 Civilisation britannique

I hope you found the first class interesting. Because the room is very long and it is difficult to see the slides, I have put the slides online.

The first part (of five or six in total) can be found HERE

1 Put your cursor on the word "here" above
2 make a right click
3 choose "enregistrer la cible sous"

It is a large file and may need ten minutes to download.
Leave a comment here if it is impossible for you to read.

Note that the slide is not the whole of the class, just a guide. You must come to the class to hear the rest.

The marking for the lecture course is a final examination in January. Part of the examination is made up of multiple choice questions and part of longer writing pieces.

See you next Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I Can't found the Diaporama, pouvez vous la remettre?

John Mullen said...

Il est là!
Mettez le curseur sur le mot "here".
Faites un clic droit.
Choisissez "enregsitrer la cible sous".