Tuesday, April 08, 2008

L3 Civilization - the 1907 Music Hall strike

This week we are looking at trade unions between the 1880s and the end of the First World War.

One strike which made the headlines in Edwardian England was the Music Hall strike of 1907. In some ways this was not a typical strike - music hall artistes are not typical workers. Yet it seemed that both employers and employees used tactics typical of industrial conflict.

The strike did not cause economic disruption at the level of that of strikes by dockers or gas workers, but the popularity of the music hall meant that it was symbolically very important. It has been said that the fact that the strike was won by the artistes and musicians persuaded many other workers of the usefulness of joining trade unions.

You can find here, in French, a research article I wrote recently on the 1907 Music Hall strike.

You will find here

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