Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Week 7 L3 Popular Culture in Britain since 1945

 Our next short zoom class will be next Tuesday, 17th at 11:30am for the morning class, and at 4pm for the afternoon class. Please come prepared with the question you have.

The videos I made at home this week are here

Chapter 11 (visual art three)  https://youtu.be/F94xDP203X0

Chapter 12 (visual art four) https://youtu.be/ge0eOJnnJX8 

A video on Banksy’s  destruction trick is here https://youtu.be/vxkwRNIZgdY

If you liked Banksy’s sarcastic amusement park, there is a half hour video here


Marking: the classroom test you would normally have done has been replaced with a homework assignment :

Write a structured essay on the following subject

How have different British artists and British institutions attempted to ensure that visual art is not only for the elite ?

Write 1000 - 1300 words, and send it by email to myself (john.mullen AT THE ADDRESS univ-rouen.fr )by the 10th of December at midnight.

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