Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Week 6 Master 1 seminar on the First World War


This is the last class concerning the first world war, and it is entirely  composed of videos which I have filmed and links I am suggesting.

If you have any questions, do send me an email john.mullen at univ hyphen rouen dot fr


Here is chapter 10, introducing commemoration. (35 min)


Here is chapter 11, looking at local and family pride (35 min)


Here is chapter 12, looking at activist approaches to commemoration (35 min)


Here is the short Christmas Truce video mentioned in the classes (4 mins)


The hit song from 1918 “Oh, it’s a lovely war” (3 mins)


Important debate between historians at the British Library. How should we remember the First World War? (90 mins)






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