Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Week 6 M1 MEEF Civilisation britannique : Migrations, inclusion, diversité


MEEF M1 British civilization class (which would have been at 9 O Clock)

In the next few weeks, some of the classes will be recorded on video (as you have seen in recent weeks). Other classes, or parts of classes, will be live via BBB or zoom.

This week, everything is video, nothing is live. But check here again during the week, because there will be new information on the blog for you.


For this week, chapter 9 of my own lectures is here.  


This is an introduction to the question of “migrations, diversité et inclusion” and the concepts and debates which surround these issues in the very specific case of the UK. In this domain, the UK is very different both from France and from the USA (if you are ever tempted to write “le modèle anglo-saxon” stop that immediately : it is nonsense).


And here is chapter 10


This is the first in a series of chapters examining different minority communities, and giving a very brief sketch of their histories and a look at a few well-known figures from their group. Of course, today, in the UK, this is mostly a question not of immigrants but of grandchildren or great grandchildren of immigrants. I will be looking at Irish and South East Asian and Caribbean. In this chapter I look at Jewish immigration.


Literature, Television and cinema have sometimes wanted to explain and portray the experience of minority communities. I recommend you have a look at this “reality TV” series about  the Jewish community in Manchester.

Here is episode one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfVy5uwwktA


If you have been following the news, you will have seen M Blanquer saying that there has been a rise in our universities of dangerous approaches, coming from English-speaking countries, to the study of identity or of ethnic minorities. As I imagine you guessed, I do not agree with him, but it is up to you to think about this.


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