Sunday, November 01, 2020

My classes this week in Rouen


This week’s classes at Rouen

Classes on Monday and Tuesday have been cancelled by the university president, to allow us time to organize our new system. Subsequent L3 classes will be a mix between online classes where we can all discuss together, and videos which you may watch when you wish, similar to those I have filmed in recent weeks.


Wednesday class MEEF

Classes for the next few weeks will be mixed – some parts will be filmed by myself on video, like the videos I have been making recently, which you watch when you wish. Some parts will be online via BBB or Zoom, with students and myself online at the same time. In the latter case, the link will be posted here shortly before the class.

This week, 4 November, the whole class will be available on video for you to watch when you wish.


Wednesday class Thème agrégation.

This will be an online class at 10 :30 am. I hope to return the translations I have received before then, and we will see how an online class works out (with my suggested translation subsequently made available online). The link you need for this online class will be posted here a few minutes before the class. There are some M2 students who are joining us either this week or later (as they wish), so please be nice to them.


Wednesday seminar historiography and commemoration.

This week’s class will be made available here in the form of videos which you may watch when you wish. Remember that the class is marked via an exam in January (we will cross that bridge when we come to it).

Do send me an email if you have questions john.mullen at the university mail system, or comment here.

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