Thursday, October 01, 2015

Seminar on the First World War and historiography

Nicolas Offenstadt “Historiographie”
Questions on Chapters three and four, which will start our discussion next week.

  1. Who has suggested that  history is in some ways  a science?  What did they say?
  2. What were some of the main steps in making history into a profession?
  3. What difference can it make who a history book is written for?
  4. How far is a historian a story-teller?

Internet reading:
Read this article (in French) which is a book review of a work in English. http://quaderna.org/richard-j-evans-in-defence-of-history-londres-granta-2000/
Come with questions if there are parts which are hard to understand.

Personal questions
a Do you have a favourite kind of history book?
b If historians can be storytellers, what kind of stories should they tell if they want to interest you?

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