Friday, October 30, 2015

Error correction exercise master LEA

I hope you are making the most of the break. On Tuesday in class we will be doing another error-correction exercise. If you found the last one difficult, do a little research before this one.

In each of these sentences there is one mistake. Can you correct it?

*Unemployment rate was very high and poverty was on the rise.
*These problems caused many gatherings all across Ireland.
*The interview about young people suicides is rather emotional.
*The news do not talk about this kind of situation.
*It is the turn of Ireland having to resort to the support of the European Union.
*The video is about how can the country regain its nickname of “the celtic tiger”.
*I had not previously realized that Ireland was touched by such a massive financial collapse.
*Most of the people at that time were spending extravagantly.
*In the mid 90's Ireland enjoyed a rapid economic growth.

*The video lacks a brief explanation on how did Ireland manage to gain the title of  ‘’Celtic Tiger’’, what led to a decade of prosperity. 

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