Monday, October 26, 2015

About the classroom test : M2/ agrégation

DST 1015

278 words
152/ 4
Alice P M2
95/ 9,5
Anne marie P M2
40/ 12,5
Anne P
63/ 7
Béatrice V
68/ 6,5
Blandine K
87/ 5,5
Charlotte L
55/ 8
Clémence P

Elodie F
94/ 5,5
Emilie K

Emilie M M2
70/ 10,5
Emilie N
116/ 4
Flora C
64/ 7
Harry S
58/ 7,5
Hélène R
113/ 5
Hortense L
98/ 5,5
Jean-Marc T
98/ 5,5
Jessica P
97/ 5,5
Julien M M2

Laura A
52/ 8
Laure T

Lauric T

Leopold R
40/ 8,5
Lucile M
61/ 7
Marilyne P
148/ 4
Nabaoua L
73/ 6
Nicolas G
102/ 5
Nicole G
59/ 7,5
Oliver S
71/ 6,5
Sandrine R
49/ 8
Sarah B

Valérie R
82/ 5,5
Zaine de B
63/ 7

Above you can see the "points faute" for the people who were present for the classroom test. To compare it with previous work of your own, remember that this passage contained 278 words (so by counting the words in other passages you can calculate equivalence. The Duras passage had 430 words, and the Ernaux passage 300.
I have also given you a mark out of twenty. I have used a different scale for the M2 people than for the agrégation people. First marks on agrégation tests are often rather depressing! The main thing is to never make the same mistake twice (that is, to study thoroughly your grammar books over the mistakes you made). If you do this, your mark will rise, for the mock exam in December, for example.
The class's favourite mistake was "*he accepted to have dinner"
Several students had difficulties with stop working/stop to work (revise urgently if you are not certain about this). The different translations possible of the imperfect tense of "devoir" also caused a lot of problems for people. A few people used wrongly the form "make + inf" (* "to make plumbing enter the third milennium").

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