Sunday, October 25, 2015

Master research seminar: Multiculturalism and diversity in Britain since 1960

After the break, I will be starting my seminar on the above subject. Some of the time in the seminar will be spent listening to students giving prepared text commentaries on historical documents (speeches, leaflets, posters etc) connected with the subject.

The exam which serves to evaluate your level in this seminar will include a text commentary, as will, indeed, the exam on the previous seminar on historiography. 

I'm sure you remember how to do a civilization text commentary, which is very different from a literature text commentary. But it is always good to go over the methodology again. To help remind you how a text commentary is done, here is an example of a document, with its commentary.
Click here for the document, and notes on a suggested text commentary:


Here is a little further advice on text commentaries for civilization studies


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