Saturday, October 24, 2015

Master LEA Economic and social questions: Homework

I received the homework from the following people. I am busy marking it, and the marks will be posted here in five to eight days time.

Andrea L
Apolline D
Aude C
Camille B
Camille T
Céline L
Claire V
Clémence H
Clémence P
Eleonore D
Elisa R
Elise D
Emeline B
Emmanuel D
Faustine D
Gautier Q
Johanna G
Juan H
Julia R
Juliette L
Kevin P
Lea P
Lemaître C
Leo L
Luisa B
Maimouna D
Maria B
Marianne C
Marie P
Martin L
Mathilde B
Nicolas V
Noémie N
Tiphaine L
Tristan E
Valentin B
Valentina C
Victoria M
Withney L
Zoe F
Zoe G

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