Monday, October 19, 2015

Master LEA Tuesday 20 November

In the second part of tomorrow's class I will be continuing on the subject I began last week. 

In the first part, you will be trying to correct some of the errors students made in their homework assignment.  Look at the following so that you will be prepared.

In each of the following sentences there is one mistake (of grammar, of vocabulary, or of register). Can you correct it?

1 *House prices rose of 270%.

2 *Representatives from the IMF and the EU negotiated terms for 85 billion euros bailout.
3 *Ireland embarked on a 10 years journey of amazing growth.
4 *German banks could make a bigger profits margin out of the Irish economy.

5 *The mother explains that any school will not accept the child with Down’s syndrome.

6 *Or the Irish will change or they will just remain silent.

7 *Concerns about the future of Ireland were highly expressed

8 *We can wonder if the Celtic tiger will be back some day.

9 *This allows asserting that the assistance scheme was a success.

10 *The documentary was realized by Sinead O Shea.
11 *The economy of Ireland lived an incredible boom.

12 *The consequences of all that spending are really important.

13 *This concerned particularly the Germans because it was them who set the interest rate.

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