Saturday, January 02, 2021

Week one : this week's classes


Les cours de la semaine

a happy new year to one and all – here’s hoping that 2021 (with the help of a vaccine) will become more tranquil than 2020.


Mardi 5 janvier 17h- 18h  Agrégatifs de Rouen [link will be here shortly before]

This is the first class (of two) on the methodology for the essay paper in English which is part of the agrégation interne.

We will be looking at what you might do if you were faced with the essay question « The BBC and Competition 1922-1995 », and using this to highlight some general points about the essay exercise. Try to prepare some ideas : send me an outline if you have time.

Mercredi 6 janvier

10h30- 12h Agrégatifs de Rouen [link will be here shortly before] Thème

We will be looking at the passage from the mock exam on Adelaïde, her shoes and her heart. I received seven scripts for the interne and six for the externe - a good number this year. If you didn’t do the mock exam, try to find time to prepare this translation. I will be giving back your marked translations, this time, after the class.

14h CAPES interne – listening comprehension 

Topic: Capes interne
Time: Jan 6, 2021 02:00 PM Paris

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Meeting ID: 826 2851 6834
Passcode: 7PuD8r

16h30- 17h30 agrégatifs de Paris – BBC [link by mail  ]


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