Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Séminaire M1: "examen": vous avez six jours et demi.


Université de Rouen

UFR Lettres et Sciences Humaines

Contrôle de fin de semestre, janvier 2021

John Mullen

M1 recherche et M1 MEEF

Seminar : Introduction to historiography and to memory studies : Britain and the First World War


« For all historians, historiography remains anchored to an objective reality—the reality of what happened in the past. But historians start not with facts but with problems. »

[slightly adapted from]  Eric Hobsbawm, « Asking the Big Why Questions », Le Monde Diplomatique, 2004.


Write a structured essay discussing this, giving plenty of examples from the UK historiography of the First World War .


Send your paper to john.mullen@univ-rouen.fr by the 19th January at 11pm

Send it in doc, docx or odt, with your name as part of the file name.

Five pages maximum.

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