Saturday, January 09, 2021

This week's exams and classes


This week’s exams and classes


Lundi 11 janvier

My L3 students will find out if they have an exam (in the form of a 24-hour homework asisgnment) in US studies or in British studies. Instructions here Monday morning : work to be handed in Tuesday.


Mercredi 13 janvier.

M1 research students and M1 MEEF students who took my seminar on the First World War and historiography will find their exam (one-week homework assignment) here on the blog, with full instructions.


10.30 am – 12 noon

Cours de thème agrégation. Zoom link available here shortly before. We will be working on the rest of the passage about Adélaïde.


13h- 14h30

Compréhension orale CAPES interne (link by mail).



Premier cours option civi GB agrégation « Les voyages de James Cook ». (zoom link here shortly before). I think the method we followed for the BBC – short live classes and then videos you can consult when you wish – was the right one. We will be doing the same for James Cook. Come with your questions.


17h – 18h

Méthodologie dissertation agrégation. (zoom link here shortly before) . We will continue looking at the essay question on competition. Send questions before by email if possible.

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