Sunday, September 18, 2016

Préparation agrégation anglais civilisation britannique 20

Le Royaume-Uni à l’épreuve de la crise 1970-79

This video is not a documentary, but a musical theatre play, produced by a radical theatre group of the type which had significant success in the 1970s
Touring from 1973, and presented on BBC television in 1974, this Scottish nationalist play tells a story of how the English elite have constantly reorganized Scotland and the Scottish economy  for their own benefit. It is not intended to be impartial. It helps to explain some of the roots of national feeling in Scotland, which will be visible in the election of a number of nationalist MPs during the decade, although the seventies will finish with a very dark period for Scottish nationalism.

You will find it here

If, like me, you are sometimes a little busy, use an online tool like clipconverter to make the videos into MP3 files you can listen to while darning your socks (although, this video being an artistic production, it would be better to watch it this time).

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