Thursday, September 22, 2016

Master's seminar introduction to historiography and WW1

Questions on « L’historiographie » by Nicolas  Offenstadt, chapters one and two.

These questions are to help launch a discussion in class. Questions will be posted here every Thursday so come back often.

How does Offenstadt look at the question of the position of the historians themselves ?

What are some of the uses of history which Offenstadt refers to ? 
Might some of these be still relevant today concerning writings on the First World War ?

What is « présentisme » ? Can you think of any examples which Offenstadt does not mention ?

What is or was the linguistic turn ?

(internet research) :
1. How long were
a) the Middle Ages
b) the long eighteenth century
c) the short twentieth century
2. Why did historians invent these periods ?

3. Who is Hayden White and what are his main ideas ?

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