Monday, September 19, 2016

M1 LEA Economic and social questions in the English speaking world

For next week, read the article "The Luck of the Irish" and answer the following questions, which we will discuss in class :

In the booklet, read the  article : “The Luck of the Irish”


1 Find words which could replace

“spawned” para 1
“towering” para 2
“backwater” para 3
“clout” para 5

2 Which  words  could you use if you
wanted to say the opposite of

“boom” para 1
“burden” para 2
“remarkable” para 3

“valuable” para 6

Look at the graph on page one of the article “The Luck of the Irish” and complete the following sentences, with the indicated number of words, so that the sentences accurately reflect the information in the graph, as well as being grammatically correct sentences.

a) In 2003 Gross domestic product per head in Ireland was almost  ---------------   -----------    -----------------   as it was in Spain.
b) Irish per capita  GDP , in comparison with the European average,  ________     ____________   after 1994, whereas GDP in Greece _____________   ________________.
c) In 1985, per capita GDP in Portugal was only around  ____________     _____________  ____________       __________  it was in Spain.

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