Thursday, September 29, 2016

Master research seminar Introduction to historiography / World War One

Nicolas Offenstadt “Historiographie”
Questions on Chapters three and four, which will start our discussion next week.

  1. Who has suggested that  history is in some ways  a science?  What did they say?
  2. What were some of the main steps in making history into a profession?
  3. What difference can it make who a history book is written for?
  4. How far is a historian a story-teller?

Internet reading:
Read this article (in French) which is a book review of a work in English. http://quaderna.org/richard-j-evans-in-defence-of-history-londres-granta-2000/
Come with questions if there are parts which are hard to understand.

Personal questions
a Do you have a favourite kind of history book?
b If historians can be storytellers, what kind of stories should they tell if they want to interest you?

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