Friday, January 03, 2020

M1 MEEF devoirs maison

This afternoon I will send each student by email their assignment with my comments. You must first read the detailed comments in last week’s blog post, since obviously I have not repeated them for each student. On the PDF file I send you, there are three kinds of comment.

Some language or register mistakes are highlighted in yellow or circled in red, but I have not tried to indicate all your language errors.

Some text comments appear in blue. If you are wondering about a few short words like “onme” which appear to have no meaning, they are not important, just a code to help me mark.

Important comments are “hidden” under little yellow “balloons” (phylactères). Normally you can see these. If you cannot see any balloons, or you cannot see the comments in the balloons, please ask some friend who knows about pdf, file conversion, and all those things.

The mark given corresponds to the UE for the Master degree. Obviously it is much higher than a CAPES jury mark.

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