Wednesday, January 29, 2020

M1 LEA Multiculturalism in the UK

I got to the end of the topic of multiculturalism (although I may come back to it). You will find here the powerpoint I used in class. Most of it is illustration  - there is little text; this is deliberate. Still, it might help you revise when it is time to do so.

You will find the PowerPoint if you click here 

As you know I try to record my classes on MP3, again so as to help you at revision time, or if you are ill some time and cannot attend class. The recording does not always work, so classes may be missing sometimes. Here are the recordings of the classes on muticulturalism in the UK, including the first one, which I have already posted.

First recording

Second recording

Third recording

Fourth recording

Fifth recording

Sixth recording

In class we watched extracts from videos.  Here are the links:

This video was of a programme in which a Black British family of the 21st century "travelled back in time" to discover what life was like fifty years and more ago for Black immigrants to Britain.
Click here   You may have to move the cursor if you want the episode to play from the beginning. This is episode one of the series - others are available on YouTube.

Then we looked at a video about the Jewish community in Manchester, both religious and non-religious. You will find it here.    This is episode one of the series - others are available on YouTube.

We also looked at a short video about racial discrimination at night clubs. This short article in French will interest you https://sos-racisme.org/communique-de-presse/la-discotheque-le-memphis-poursuivie-en-justice-a-la-suite-dun-testing-de-sos-racisme/

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