Sunday, November 15, 2015

Master LEA

So, for your test on the first of December, you will need to have a good knowledge of the two themes we have been looking at, and be extremely rigorous with your English.

Here is a first quiz to check where you are at. There will be another one next week, no doubt. 

Celtic tiger quiz 1

1 The population of the Irish public today is
a) Four and a half million
b) One and a half million
c) Just over six million
d) Around eight million
e) None of the above

2 Ireland no longer has a monarch
a) since the partition of the island
b) since 1968
c) since the rebellion of 1798
d) since shortly after World War Two
e) None of the above

3 The percentage of people in the Irish Republic living in towns
a) is slightly higher than in France
b) is much lower than in France
c) is about the same as in Britain
d) has not changed over the last twenty years
e) None of the above.

4 The second largest city in the Republic is
a) Belfast
b) Derry
c) Limerick
d) Cork
e) None of the above

5 One cathedral in Dublin is called a « pro-cathedral » because
a) Catholics dream of getting back their original cathedral some day
b) It is a protestant cathedral
c) It will only be a cathedral for a short time
d) It is an ecumenical institution
e) none of the above

6 Irish gaelic is
a) Spoken by 83% of the population of the Republic
b) Used every day by less than a thirtieth of the people
c) The obligatory language in all public services
d) Almost the same as Welsh
e) None of the above.

7 The Irish president
a) Has little real political power.
b) Has only once been a woman
c) Lives in official residence in Cork
d) Is going to be abolished soon.
e) None of the above

8 The government of the Republic
a) tends to alternate between the two biggest parties.
b) must have its laws approved by the British government in Westminster
c) is most frequently a coalition between two or more parties
d) is not directly elected by the Irish people
e) None of the above

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