Thursday, November 26, 2015

Another short quiz on the history of the Irish republic

A short quiz on Irish history, to help you revise.
Only one answer is correct.
All the answers to these questions are avilable in the powerpoints which I posted a little while back.
1 Partition in Ireland left the following towns inside the United Kingdom
a) Belfast and Limerick
b) Dublin and Belfast
c) Cork and Belfast
d) Derry and Limerick
e) None of these answers

2. During the Second World War
a) Ireland  remained officially neutral but unofficially helped Germany
b) Ireland remained officially neutral but unofficially helped Britain
c) Ireland declared war on Germany and Japan in 1941
d) None of these answers
e) Ireland lived through a terrible economic crisis

3. The civil war in Ireland took place
a) None of these answers
b) immediately after partition
c) on the declaration of the Irish Republic
d) in the 1930s
e) between 1998 and 2008

4 British troops were officially sent in large numbers to Northern Ireland
a) in 1972 to stop civil rights demonstrations
b) in 1969 to protect Catholics
c) in 1969 to protect protestants
d) in 1998 to protect the borders of the UK.
e) None of these answers.

5 On « Bloody Sunday »
a) protestant demonstrators killed British soldiers.
b) British soldiers killed catholics
c) protestant police killed Republicans
d) the IRA destroyed the British embassy in Dublin
e) None of these answers

6 The « Good Friday Agreement »
a) won overwhelming support at the time in the Republic of Ireland
b) involved the British government finally accepting that Ireland should be united.
c) was initially proposed by the Irish Republican Army
d) was a religious agreement between catholc and protestant churches.
e) None of these answers

7 In 2005, the Irish gaelic language
a) became a compulsory subject in schools in the Republic
b) had an Irish grammar book published for the first time in history
c) could be officially used in European Union institutions
d) was for the first time spoken fluently by more than half of the population of the Republic
e) None of these answers.

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