Sunday, November 08, 2015

Master LEA Economic and Social Questions in the English speaking world

Your semester mark will be made up of three marks:

- The final classroom test on the 1st December (50%)
- The homework you have already done, on the Irish economy video (25%)
- The second homework assignment, which is below: (25%)

Watch this video documentary: it is episode four in a four-part documentary about Black people in Britain since the Windrush. Summarize its main points (try to synthesize) in 500 words. Then give your personal opinion in 300 words.

The video is here: 


Of course, you do not get marks for having the same opinion as me! Most of the marks are for good English and clear expression. Always use spell check and grammar check software. Always re-read carefully twice before sending me your work - just as you would do in a professional context.

Send your work in, in RTF format, by email to me by the 3rd December.

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