Wednesday, March 04, 2020

M2 seminar Social and cultural changes in the 1970s

If you are interested later in looking again at the 1970s, here are the videos which we looked at extracts from in class.

Gay Pride 1979 https://youtu.be/YV_h2FoQJxs 

Back in time for dinner: the 1970s.    https://youtu.be/h5z6UEBU_RE

Back in time for Brixton: the 1970s.  https://youtu.be/G6RAhpUOu4w

The Way we were: lecture by Dominic Sandbrook  https://youtu.be/lOhkaGTTO_8

Angry Wimmin : separatist feminism in the 1970s.  https://youtu.be/sCRohDqWDcw

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