Wednesday, March 04, 2020

M2 séminaire 1970s assignment

Social and cultural changes in the UK in the 1970s.

I hope you found the seminar interesting. You still have the assignment to complete. Here are the details. Notice that I have to approve your subject - send me an email to check (I usually approve, but I sometimes ask for a more precise subject). john dot mullen at univ hyphen rouen dot fr

Evaluation of this module is by research paper (« mini-dossier »)
The research paper will be 2500 - 5000 words in length, in addition to the bibliography and appendices.
The subject must be approved by your teacher in advance.
It must be based on archival research, online or otherwise.
An essential resource is http://scholar.google.fr/schhp?hl=en which allows you to search university articles, some of which are available free online.
Don’t forget the University Library database which you can access through your University Virtual Deskstop (ENT).
This also includes many articles you can download even when you are at home.
- Handwritten work is not allowed. The research paper must be sent by email in RTF format, and must use correctly the normal rules of layout for university work (footnotes, italics etc).  My email adress is prenom.nom @univ-rouen.fr (John Mullen).
There will be no spelling or typing mistakes, as students will use automatic spellcheck programmes.
Extreme care must be used to avoid plagiarism. If you use more than five words together from another source without saying where it comes from, this counts as copying.
The research paper may be illustrated, if the illustrations add something to the argument.
It must be handed in by the 4th of May 2020.

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