Sunday, January 13, 2019

Thème Next class

Because I received 12 scripts from the concours blanc and only 8 from the DST we will start the next class on Wednesday with the concours blanc (the passage beginning “... ne doit étonner personne”).

I have just finished marking your translations of Joel Dicker ( Everyone was talking about my book...). I have sent your scripts back to you by mail, so do come to the class with any questions.

The translations of Dicker I received (8 of them) ranged from 10 points faute to 60. Translating this into a realistic agrégation mark is not easy. The seul d’admissibilité is around 8 I believe.

Below is the guide I used for the  penalty points. It is rather approximate of course.

PS: I don't have an email address for Harry Scott, so if he can send me an email (I am prenom.nom@univ-rouen.fr) that would be great .

Marking scheme
NS       Non-sens                                            12
TGF Très Grave Faute de syntaxe                   12
CNJ: conjugaison                                           9
PRET/PF Erreur preterite/present perfect        9
SING singular/plural error                              8
COUNT Count/non count error                      8
CS: contre-sens                                               8
GFS grave faute de syntaxe                            6
GEN Genitive error                                        6
OMU: omission unité de traduction                6
AJU: ajout fautif unité de traduction               6
DEIX: Déixis                                                  6
MOD wrong modal or missing modal             5
CON Contraction error                                               4
BAR Barbarisme, mot ou locution inexistante            4
CAL: calque                                                   4
CONSTR: construction verbale, adv, prep…  4
LEX: insuffisance lexicale sauf mot rare         4
SRTR: surtraduction significative                   4
SSTR: sous-traduction significative                4
TEMPS: erreur de temps bal                           4
ASPECT erreur d’aspect                                4
ART Erreur d’article défini/indéfini etc          4
PHON: phonétique/phonologie                       4
FS: faux sens                                                  3
O: omission de mot                                         3
AJM: ajout fautif de mot                                            3
LR insuffiSance lexicale mot rare                   2
REG Registre trop familier ou trop soutenu    2
QUOT: quotation marks (“” vs «»)                 2
SP: orthographe 1 ou 2 selon rareté du mot     1 ou 2
MAJ Erreur de majuscules                             1
PUNC: ponctuation (sauf “”)                          1

Unité de traduction très bonne                     +4
Unité de traduction excellente                      +8

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