Thursday, January 24, 2019

M1 Master MEEF

Visit this page regularly, because I post here useful videos and other links when I come across them.
Since you need to revise British history, if you search for words like "podcast" or "mp3" in this blog you will find a few dozen files ( and some broken links) which you can listen to and which will not do you any harm.

For the marking of the module, which is made up of my classes paired with those of Mme Vallet, there will be a "concours blanc" which Mme Vallée will be fixing, and there will be a home assignment. I have given out in class the documents to be used for this assignment, but if your dog has eaten them, or you were absent for the first class, you will find them here.

You will hand in the assignment by email on or before the 20th February. My email is prenom.nom at univ-rouen.fr (and my nom and prenom are at the top of the blog).

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