Monday, September 04, 2017

Agrégation : cours de thème à Rouen

Our first translation class is on Wednesday morning the 20th September at 9am. The room will no doubt be posted up on the 5th floor somewhere, but if I get this information I will also put it on this blog .

Please translate the first passage before the first class. This is the passage by Pierre Boulle. (See here for the booklet).


Each week you will translate the passage before the class, and we will go over it in class. Of course, you are busy people, and if some time you do not have time to prepare the translation, do come to the class anyway. Do not do this often, though, because watching people translate is nowhere near as educational as translating. 

After the class, I will put my own suggested translation up here on the blog, and I will leave it here for two weeks. 

If you would like more detailed correction of your own translation, this is possible. You just have to send me your translation by mail (John point Mullen at univ tiret rouen point FR) one week before we look at the piece in class. So, for example, on the 27th September, we will be working in class on the passage from Limonov, and the evening of the 27th will be your last chance to send me your translation of the Zola passage if you want to receive my comments by email. If you do not have time to translate carefully the whole passage, you may send me just the first half. However, please send me only careful translations: if you only have time to do a very quick translation, do not send it to me. 

Incidentally, one of the passages was badly printerd and so we are omitting it. The first five passages, then, are Boulle, Limonov, Zola, Gavalda and Echenoz.

Look forward to seeing you on the 19th or 20th.

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