Monday, November 14, 2016

Préparation de l'agrégation anglais civilisation britannique 40

Le Royaume-Uni à l'épreuve de la crise 1970-79

Women's Liberation

It is impossible to point to a “typical” 1970s activist for women’s liberation, such was the richness and variety of the activity involved. Some worked in trade unions organizing women workers (See Grunwick above), others organized inside the Labour party for policy change; some concentrated on “consciousness raising groups”, underlining that “the personal is political”, others were in revolutionary anticapitalist organizations like the International Socialists; some concentrated on publishing books or newspapers, others on “Reclaim the Night” marches or pressuring for funding for rape crisis centres; some raised the slogan “wages for housework” others tried to reduce the influence of body image on women’s perceptions of themselves, and  to encourage clothing and shoes which respected women more than the high heels and skirts which were often being imposed.[1]

[1] If one remembers that this BBC documentary is not about a typical group of 1970s feminists,  but about one kind of feminism among many, it is useful to understand some of the debates which were around. You can find it here 

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