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Préparation agrégation anglais civilisation britannique 36

Le Royaume Uni à l'épreuve de la crise 1970-79
One of the most important figures of the Seventies was of course Harold Wilson. Smoking a pipe and wearing a cheap raincoat was part of his image; the Open University was his proudest achievement. He guided the Labour party through these turbulent years. For supporters, he was a realist who kept different political forces in balance for the good of his ideals. For critics on the Left, he abandoned ideals and gave in to the pressure of the international banks and to racist voters at home; for critics on the Right he refused to accept that times had changed and neoliberalism was the best way forward.

He wrote what are probably some of the most impressively honest memoirs written by and ex-prime minister, in his two books: "The Labour Government 1964-70" and "Final Term". 

When he died in 1994, there were of course many obituaries. Some were subtly hostile like this one 


More positive was this documentary, broadcast on the evening of his death (though of course prepared earlier). Naturally, when people die, the media generally try to emphasize the positive side of their life's achievements, but if you read between the lines, you will get much information about the key issues of the 1970s.

Here is the video:


To save time, convert it into an Mp3 file with some online tool, then you can listen to it while playing Pokemon Go.


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