Sunday, November 25, 2018

Journée d'etude 25 janvier Home Rule Rouen

My colleague has managed to put together a team of star speakers on the issue for this day conference, and we want a lot of people in the audience to listen to them. The date, of course, was fixed long before the dates of the agrégation interne were announced. Still, tell everyone you know - the conference is open to anyone interested.

Symposium on The Home Rule Issue, 1870-1914

Friday 25 January 2019 (9 am- 5.30 pm)

 Salle des conférences, Maison de l’Université, University of Rouen Normandie

9h00                  Welcome Note

9h10-9h30       Introduction by Dr Anne-Catherine de Bouvier (Eribia, Université Caen Normandie)
Chair: Dr Geraldine Vaughan (GRhis, IUF, University of Rouen)

9h30-10h30     Professor Alvin Jackson (Sir Richard Lodge Professor of History, University of Edinburgh)
                           “Understanding Home Rule and Its Opponents: Ireland and Britain, 1870-1914”

10h30-11h00 Pause

Chair: Dr Marie Ruiz (Corpus, University Picardie Jules Verne)

11h00-11h45  Dr Catriona McDonald (Reader, University of Glasgow)
                            “The Scottish Home Rule movement from 1870 to 1914”

12h00-12h45  Professor Paul B. O’Leary (Aberystwyth University)
                            “The Home Rule Issue in Wales, 1870-1914”

12h45-14h15 Déjeuner

Chair: Professor John Mullen (ERIAC, University of Rouen)

14h15-15h00 Dr Colin Reid   (University of Sheffield)
                            “Isaac Butt’s conception of Home Rule during the 1870s”

15h15-15h30 Pause

15h30-16h15 Dr Conor Mulvagh (University College Dublin)
                            “The Irish Parliamentary Party and Partition”

16h30-17h15 Dr Pauline Collombier-Lakeman (Search, University of Strasburg)
                            “Butt and Redmond: a Comparison”

17h30                Concluding Remarks – End of Symposium

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