Friday, April 06, 2018

The winners! UK popular music

FOLK   The album voted in the music press best UK folk album was Liege and Lief, and this song, Matty Groves, is one of the best known of its tracks


SKIFFLE   Folk rocker Billy Bragg chose "Rock Island Line" as his favourite skiffle track of all time


PUNK The newspaper "The Independent" considered that "Anarchy in the UK was the best ever UK punk song.


GLAM ROCK The newspaper "The Guardian" considered that the best UK Glam rock track was "Hot Love"


HEAVY METAL US magazine Rolling Stone considered that the best heavy metal album of all time was UK band Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" Here is the title track


PROGRESSIVE ROCK Website "Pop matters" considered "In the court of the crimson king" the best ever progressive rock album


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